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What is a good gift for the opening of a flower shop?

There are several things that can be sent when the flower shop opens. 1 Send lucky things, such as jade ruyi made of glazed “golden dragon fish” glazed, or glazed cabbage (Bai Cai). As long as it is lucky, it means making a fortune and the like.

florists that send air plant gifts

2. Send flower baskets for the opening. We can see that there are a lot of flower baskets at the door of the hotel on the opening day. Although the flower baskets are beautiful, they are not kept for a long time.

3. Friends’ company opens to send items that represent “smooth sailing” or “prosperous business”, such as calligraphy and painting or gilded sailboats, jade cabbage (Bai Cai), etc. It is a good choice.

4. You can also advertise to congratulate him on his auspicious opening. First, you can congratulate him, and second, you can advertise to introduce his store.

New Year’s Eve flower shop copy?

In this Spring Festival, New Year’s Eve flowers have become a must-have blessing gift for many people. In the flower shop, pots of brightly colored peach blossoms, plum blossoms, rich bamboo, etc. attract people’s attention. They can not only embellish the festive atmosphere, but also convey blessings and care to relatives and friends. In the New Year’s Eve flower shop, there is a lot of laughter, just like the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, which makes people feel warm and happy.

What are the names of flower shop suppliers?

The name of the florist supplier is Nanning Xiuya Florist: business scope Flowers, gifts, general merchandise, plants, handicrafts retail, venue layout services

Yunnan Yishuo Flower Co., Ltd. Main products: rubies, florist flowers, carnations, two-color powder, lilies, red roses, roses, fresh-cut flowers, fresh-cut chrysanthemums.

Shenzhen Yuhuaxiang Gardening Co., Ltd. Main products: flower arches, big-leaf oil grass, sky gardens, campus greening, green management

What is good for a friend to open a flower shop?

If a friend opens a flower shop, you can consider giving some gifts related to or helpful to the flower shop. Here are some suggestions:

1. Flower-related tools or equipment: You can send some high-quality tools or equipment such as trimmers, scissors, flower utensils, vases, etc. These are very useful for the daily operation of the florist.

2. Flower care products: Send some high-quality products such as flower fertilizers, nutrient solutions or preservatives to help a friend’s flowers stay healthy and beautiful.

3. Flower-related books or magazines: Choose some books or magazines about flower design, gardening tips or florist operation. These resources can help a friend improve his professional knowledge and skills.

4. Personalized Gifts: Consider customizing some gifts related to the florist, such as business card holders, notebooks or badges with the florist logo, etc., which can increase brand exposure.

5. Ornaments or Ornaments: Choosing some ornaments or ornaments related to the floral theme, such as vases, flower pots, sculptures or hanging paintings, etc., can add style and atmosphere to the florist.

6. Gift Cards or Coupons: If you are not sure what your friend needs specifically, you can send a gift card or coupon and let them choose the items they need by themselves.

7. Support and Blessings: In addition to material gifts, you can also send your support and blessings to express your encouragement and recognition for your friend to open a florist.

The most important thing is to choose a gift that shows your concern and support based on what you know about your friend. No matter what gift you choose, your friend will appreciate your kindness.

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