Holiday gifts

What is better to buy back in Germany?

1. Gummy Bear

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Gummy Bear is a special snack in Germany. It is made of white granulated sugar, modified starch, glucose syrup, citric acid, seaweed nourishing agent and other raw materials. Its appearance is crystal clear, and it is very resilient to chew. It is a good-looking and delicious snack.

2. Ninfenburg Ceramics

Ninfenburg Ceramics has a history of more than 200 years in Germany. It is built according to historical models. The production skills are very exquisite, and it also has a high historical value. Of course, its price is not cheap, but whether it is a writer’s ornament or a gift, it is a very good choice.

3. German leather goods

German leather goods have always been famous for their durability. Whether it is a wallet, a handbag, or a travel bag, the quality is very good, and their styles are also very diverse. People who like bags can buy them at will.

4. Gingerbread

Gingerbread is a traditional German delicacy. Gingerbread is sprinkled with a layer of sweet icing on the outer layer of the gingerbread, so that the gingerbread is not only rich in taste, but also very convenient in appearance. Germans like to make gingerbread in the shape of love, and when it comes to holidays, they will write greetings for friends as decorations.

5. German wine

Germany is a famous grape-growing country, and wine has become a unique cultural charm of Germany. Every year, just after the middle of summer, various wine-producing regions in Germany will happily hold the annual “Wine Festival”. People from all over the world will gather here to taste good wine and enjoy a good taste of life.

6. Zillionaire kitchenware

Made in Germany is famous for its good quality, and Zillionaire kitchenware pioneered the concept of a modern kitchen, making cooking a pleasure and bringing people infinite good production quality.

7. German beer mugs

German beer is quite famous, so beer mugs are naturally great souvenirs, especially in many street shops in Berlin, Germany, there are many beautiful and exotic beer mugs, be sure to remember to bring one home.

8. German pig feet

German pig feet are one of the traditional delicacies of the Germans. It uses fat pig hind legs, which can be eaten after being marinated and grilled with German sauerkraut. The characteristic of German pig feet is that the pork skin is crispy but not dry, and it tastes very tasty and chewy, which is really memorable.

9. German sausage

Germany is a very typical people who “eat meat and drink alcohol”. Germans like to eat pork very much, and they will make pork into German sausages, which is very popular with the locals.

10. Black Forest ham

Black Forest ham is a delicacy that can only be created in the Black Forest of Germany. This ham is made from Black Forest ingredients and made in the Black Forest. Good Black Forest ham is black on the outside and red on the inside. When it is not cut, it will emit a strong smoky smell. After cutting, it is an attractive dark red tone. Locals like to eat it with black forest ham and rye bread, and the taste is very enjoyable.

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