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What is polyethylene glycol?

Polyethylene glycol is a compound with the chemical formula HO (CH2CH2O) nH. Its series of products are non-irritating, slightly bitter in taste, have good water solubility, and have good compatibility with many organic components.

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They have excellent lubricity, moisture retention, dispersion, adhesive, and can be used as antistatic agents and softeners. They are widely used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemical fibers, rubber, plastics, papermaking, paints, electroplating, pesticides, metal processing, and food processing industries.

What are the words to describe “fruit”?

The words to describe “fruit” are: small and exquisite, sweet and delicious, crystal clear, tender and juicy, fruitful, fruity, fruity, fruity, fruity, full of fruits, bright red and translucent, delicious and sweet.

1. Small and exquisite [xioqi olínglóng]: Small: small and dexterous; exquisite: exquisite and meticulous. Describes things as small and delicate. Sentence: This small and exquisite handicraft took him a lot of effort, and the workmanship looks very delicate, which makes people love it.

2. Sweet and delicious [xiāngtiánkık]: Fragrant: Describes the smell, the taste is sweet and fragrant. Sweet: Can be used as an adjective or verb, mostly used as an adjective; mostly used to express the feeling of taste. Sentence: Ripe cantaloupe tastes sweet and delicious.

3. Crystal translucent [jāngyíngtātıu]: Describes the delicate, bright, and delicate structure of the utensils. Sentence: The piece of white jade is crystal translucent, and the skin is warm and smooth like a girl’s suet.

4. Tender and juicy [xiānnèn [duāzhá]: Fresh and delicate. Sentence: Like a reed growing wildly in the field, flexible and elegant, tender and juicy, full of vitality and moisture, loneliness is a matter of course.

5. Fruitful [shúguléiléi]: Tired: The original meaning refers to the lush appearance of the fruits on the trees during the autumn harvest. Now it is often extended to someone who has written a lot of works and achieved great success. Sentence: The colorful autumn is fruitful, the grapes in the yard are exquisite and exquisite, and the indelible taste makes me have an endless aftertaste!

6. Fruit-laden [gu

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