Holiday gifts

What is the best choice for giving gifts to relatives in the army?

Seventeen gifts, I hope it can help you.

send a gift to military

1. Understand the taste of others

Know that giving gifts is not to make yourself happy, but to make others happy. Any item that experiments with other people’s tastes should not be used as a gift.

2. Do not include motives

You should try to avoid some gifts with innuendo and meaning.

3. It is always good to be new

because no one likes to receive second-hand goods.

4. Do not buy “useful” gifts

This advice is especially for men who only know how to buy household items for the women they love. Practical gifts are not only unimaginative, but also inconsiderate. You should remember that you are giving a gift to a person, not to the family.

5. Whether your gift is 3 yuan or 300 yuan, first tear off the price tag.

Give a gift with a clear price tag, as if to remind the other party how much my gift cost. Are you looking forward to a return? Or do you want to do a business of equivalent exchange and value for money? It is generally considered impolite to put a price tag on a gift. For you who want to express your heart, it is also not smart.

6. Carefully choosing packaging

Gifts are different from personal use. Good content is important, and good form is more colorful. The principle of gift giving is to choose beautiful packaging as much as possible.

7. Relatively speaking, giving women gifts is always simple. There are many small bits and pieces in a woman’s life, which are all good choices for you to give gifts. The daughters, wives, and mothers of female nature can all be catered to in gift giving.

8. Giving women’s clothing is an unwise move.

Not to mention that the colors and styles are really good for thousands of people, it is difficult to figure out, the key obstacle is the size – it is troublesome to be thin, but it also makes her unhappy to be fat: do I have this fat?

9. Seize the gift-giving time

Gifting, there can be many opportunities. We can only give one person a birthday gift once a year, but there is nothing that can stop us from giving “non-birthday” gifts at other times. For a long time, non-birthday gifts have been responsible for strengthening relationships, soothing injured hearts and repairing broken friendships.

10. Like the gift you give

If you don’t like a gift yourself, you shouldn’t let others receive it.

11. New meaning

If you want to give a gift to someone who is not interested or has nothing, it is really the most troublesome thing. You might as well use your brain and invite him (her) to see a very attractive show.

12. Choose a more practical gift according to the recipient’s occupation.

13. Measure a reasonable price. This gift is disrespectful because it is too cheap. In fact, the value of the gift should be measured by your relationship with the recipient to avoid embarrassing both parties.

14. Personalized gifts. Homemade gifts are unique in the world and will express your thoughts.

15. Ties and belts should not be given to men unless you have an intimate relationship with him. Because these things mean to tie the other person. And so on, it seems inappropriate to give women necklaces, let alone rings.

16. Gift-giving should be mastered between practical and impractical.

For an expert, a volume of books may be better than anything else, but there are fewer and fewer elegant people. However, gifts are gifts in the end, and they should not be too practical.

17. Avoid sending fresh goods

Even if it is a gift for a housewife who loves cooking, it is better not to send chicken, duck, fish, vegetables and vegetables. Not to mention the difficulties in preservation, its characteristics of making it and eating it as soon as it is imported will greatly degenerate its meaning as a gift. By the way, when sending nutritional products, food, and cosmetics, you should pay attention to the shelf life, otherwise it will be very embarrassing.

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