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What is the best gift for a patient?

Flowers, fruits, etc. You can do it.

best gifts to send to someone who is very sick

Giving flowers to patients has become a fashion.

When you are sick, staying indoors or even in the ward for a long time generally makes people’s mood depressed, which is not conducive to the improvement of the condition. But flowers can change people’s mood. A researcher in the United States said that flowers act on people’s various senses through color, smell, shape, etc., changing certain chemicals in the brain, stimulating people’s positive emotions, and then causing deep psychological changes. At the same time, a study by Harvard Medical School also found that people who placed flowers at home felt less stress and anxiety.

So, when visiting a patient, sending flowers to the patient is not just a etiquette, not just a blessing, but can help the patient adjust his mood and make the patient recover faster. Of course, not all flowers are suitable for visiting patients; so, what kind of flowers to send to the patient?

Recommendation 1: Yellow roses pink roses

– I wish you a speedy recovery

Flowers/speedy recovery: There are 21 yellow and pink roses, embellished with green leaves.

Flower language: I wish you a speedy recovery, and may you always smile.

Yellow roses represent an apology, but when paired with pink roses, the meaning can be extended to: Get well soon, this is a special concern. This flower basket is especially suitable for visiting female patients, after all, roses represent beauty.

is a “favorite” of women, which can make them feel better; moreover, yellow and pink can calm the mind and help patients feel better.

Recommendation 2: Flowers (roses, perfume lilies, carnations) Fruits (oranges apples red tits) – Warm Blessings

Flowers/Fruit Flower Basket – Warm Blessings: 1 pink perfume lily, 8 pink roses, pink kang purple carnations interspersed, Brazilian leaves and other green leaves appropriate amount; 3 imported oranges, 3 red Fuji apples, 0.5 kg imported red tits.

Flower Language: Full of fruits, blooming flowers, bringing warm blessings. Let the smile bloom at this moment. A joyful mood blooms like a flower!

A fruit flower basket for visiting patients is both affordable and convenient, and it also contains good wishes. It is a good choice. The recommended fruit flower basket is called “Warm Blessings”, and the selected flowers and fruits are very heartfelt. Among them, carnations represent “health and happiness”, and apples represent “peace”. The patient must be in a good mood when he receives such a gift.

Recommendation 3: Lily

– Full of hope for spring

Flowers/fragrance: 6 pink perfume lilies, with flower embellishment, and oriole in moderation.

Flower language: I will give it to you, looking forward to your smile.

Green, representing tranquility, life and hope

This bouquet of flowers uses light green hand-kneaded paper fan-shaped packaging and green ribbon flower knots, which makes people feel tranquility and vitality. Invisibly, the patient is full of hope for tomorrow. Of course, the most important thing is flowers – lilies, the color of lilies is relatively light, which will not stimulate the patient’s emotions, have a certain soothing effect, and bring hope to the patient. Giving this bouquet of flowers – fragrance, to the patient is to give him the vitality and hope of spring.

Recommendation 4: Carnation Lily

– Relax, spring flowers bloom

Flowers/spring flowers bloom: 2 long-headed pink perfume lilies, 11 pink carnations, gypsy stars green leaves in moderation. Flower language: warm wind, warm sunshine, spring days, bring my warm love!

Pink is peaceful, and small flowers can calm the mood, relax the nerves, and reduce stress. This bouquet is mainly made of carnations and uses pink (pink packaging pink flowers) as the overall color. It is difficult not to help the patient “get out of the sea of misery” as soon as possible, right? No wonder there is a pleasing name – spring flowers bloom. Spring is blooming, is it also in the heart of the patient?

What is good to send flowers to the patient? The most important thing to pay attention to is the color of the flowers, which should be bright but not strong, so as not to stimulate the patient’s emotions. Also, if you choose lilies, it is best to remove the pollen, and you cannot accidentally “do bad things” because the patient is allergic to pollen.

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