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What is the best thing to bring back from Australia?

Australia has many specialty products, such as beef jerky, cereal, Australian wine, oak honey, chocolate and handicrafts. If you choose to bring back gifts, you can make a choice according to the other party’s preferences and your own budget.

sending wine gift to australia

Can Australian red wine be sent back?


Before sending the red wine, the red wine must be packaged. First, wrap each bottle of red wine in bubble film or foam plastic bag to prevent collision damage during transportation. Secondly, put the packaged red wine into a firm box. Fillers and cushioning materials can be added to increase the stability of the red wine and reduce the damage of impact and shaking.

What gifts do Australians like?

Australians are culturally diverse, so the gifts they like your mileage may vary. In general, the following are some gifts that may be popular in Australia:

1. Goods with local characteristics: There are many goods with local characteristics in Australia, such as Australian wine, Australian straw hats, various unique Australian handicrafts and so on.

2. Food and beverages: There are many delicacies and specialty foods in Australia, such as protein biscuits, coffee, cheese, Australian meat pie, etc. These are all likely to be popular gifts.

3. Sporting goods: Australians are very fond of various outdoor activities and sports, so gifts related to this, such as football, rugby, cricket, etc., may be welcome.

4. Local culture and history books or souvenirs: Australia has a long history and culture, so books or souvenirs about local Australia may be a good option.

In general, it is best to consider the interests and preferences of the recipient when choosing a gift, as well as the local cultural characteristics represented by the gift.

Can I bring it back home? I brought two bottles of wine in Australia?


According to the regulations of Chinese customs, the total amount of alcohol carried by inbound passengers cannot exceed 1.5 liters. If you are carrying red wine, you can bring up to 2 bottles (750 ml per bottle). If you are carrying beer or other alcohol, you can bring up to 6 bottles (355 ml per bottle). However, it should be noted that the regulations here are for adults, and minors are not allowed to bring alcohol into the country. At the same time, you must also abide by the relevant regulations of the destination country. For example, some countries may have restrictions on the import quantity of alcohol. It is recommended to understand the relevant regulations before departure to avoid the situation of being unable to pass through customs

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