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What is the meaning of the fifth personality breakup cannon, the survival behavior that the butcher hates the most?

Escape from pursuit When the best time to survive is definitely not the last moment to escape, but the whole process of walking the butcher. Think about the butcher who has been chasing after you, but always blocked by the baffle and can’t catch you, it is definitely the most refreshing. The essence of walking the butcher is to use the baffle to hinder the butcher’s pursuit of you. At this time, whether the butcher chooses to step on the baffle or circle around to catch you, it will take time. At this time, you can escape or escape to the next piece of wood and wait for the butcher to come. If you have good skills, you can wait for the butcher to approach before putting down the baffle. This will bring a certain amount of vertigo time to the butcher, which is more conducive to you escaping or continuing to walk the but

can you send butcherbox as a gift

Suggestion 1: Characters with interactive action debuffs are not recommended to be used to sneak butchers, such as doctors and blind girls. It is more recommended to be forwards and social workers. When flipping the board, they are more dexterous and can buy more time;

Suggestion 2: It is not recommended to sneak the clown. The clown chainsaw can sprint. There must be no obstacles between the distance and the clown when slipping, otherwise it is easy to be directly rushed by the clown and cut.

Deal with the butcher defending the corpse

Everyone enters the chat channel of the game, and you can definitely see a lot of players spraying the corpse, and indeed the butcher guarding the corpse is definitely a disaster for players who do not cooperate and have no consciousness, but today I want to tell you that the corpse is not unsolvable. Today, I will give you a few methods to protect the corpse:

Method 1: The front of the flare gun is just a lot of new players who only know that the air force can shoot, but they don’t know that sometimes the flare gun will also be issued in the box. Characters other than the blind girl can switch props, but because the flare gun is a consumable, it will be gone after one use, so there is only one chance. Find a teammate to cooperate, you rush up and shoot a teammate The advantage of the air force is that the butcher can be unconscious for a longer time and buy more time for his own people to escape.

Method 2: Cover and save people There are many methods involved, such as flashlight control butcher, here is a special note, butcher is not illuminated by flashlight after the inside can not move, but there will be a progress bar, full butcher can not move, so I encountered a lot of young people rushed up with flashlights and just want to just me, directly knocked down by me.

Method 3: There are also robots using puppets to save people, which is a more common method.

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