Holiday gifts

What is the most popular gift for customers?

You can give a car charger, which is more practical. You can also put your own logo on it to make a name for yourself. Now there is a practical safety hammer car charger, which can be charged and used as a safety hammer when in danger.

best gifts to send clients

What gift is good for customers?

Send a fruit, because fruit is what everyone will eat. Even if you don’t give it, he will buy it himself. If you give other gifts, he may not use it. You don’t know if he likes fruit or not. Anyway, they can also give it to their family.

What gifts are generally better for customers?

Customers are gods and bring profits to enterprises. When the Spring Festival comes, we should send our blessings to customers and our gratitude to them. 1. To give customers gifts, you should consider the customer’s status, gender, age, hobbies, region, and other basic information, so as to choose what to give, and also consider whether the customer has any customs, and choose the right gift according to the customer’s region;

2. Customized gifts are very popular now. You can give customers customized gifts. This kind of gift can better reflect your gift-giving intentions, such as some crystals, which can be printed with the customer’s photo or name, or the customer’s greetings, etc., which are more exclusive and also very attentive;

3. For male customers, you can give some expensive ones, such as crystal oracle chess, rich treasure bottle, etc.; for female customers, you can give some beauty, cosmetics, and health care gifts, which can be given to her Garnet bracelets, pearl necklaces, etc.

4. Gifts should be meaningful. Gifts are the carrier of feelings. Any gift can reflect a person’s heart. In fact, the best gift is to choose the right gift according to the customer’s hobbies. The so-called to do what you like is not wrong. Hope to help you. I wish you a good mood every day!

What gift is good for customers?

Gifts should be given according to customer psychology and hobbies.

1. Practical type: pens, notebooks, ties, wallets, perfumes, lighters, rackets of all kinds, etc. These are the most commonly used. Understand customers’ hobbies and personalities, and do what they like. Customers are easier to accept and can slowly establish a good relationship.

2. Decoration type: desk calendar, lucky cat (similar mascots with cows and sheep), “crystal decoration”, etc. This type is mostly used in the initial contact stage to give customers a good feeling, but because the gift does not have much practical and economic value, it will not leave a deep impression on customers. At the critical stage of making a list, this type of gift should be exempted, saving waste.

3. Token type: transportation card (of course, it is recharged), mobile phone recharge card, various supermarket vouchers. Needless to say, the benefits of such gifts are convenient for givers and affordable! It is a rare good thing!

4. Luxury type: watch, high-end gifts

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