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What is the use of a Ctrip gift card? It is no different from using cash, and the scope of use is less?

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Ctrip gift cards are a preferential method of, which can be used to enjoy discounts when prepaying hotels, domestic and foreign air tickets and other travel products on Ctrip to offset part of the loan. Ctrip gift cards are available in two types: Ctrip Free Travel gift cards and Ctrip Free Travel gift cards.

Ctrip Gift Card: It can only be used to book prepaid hotels, select hotels and travel group buying products;

Ctrip Gift Card: This gift card is universal, not only including hotel reservations, travel group buying products, but also domestic and foreign air tickets.

How to use: After you have a gift card, you can use the gift card to pay when booking by phone or online.

1. Telephone Booking – You need to set the gift card transaction password online in advance, and tell the reservation staff when you call to book that you need to use the gift card to pay this time.

2. Online booking – When inquiring about the hotel on the hotel channel, check “Gift Card” to inquire. The hotels listed in the inquiry can be paid with gift cards. Fill in the order to the payment link and choose to pay with gift cards. When booking air tickets, travel vacations, selected hotels, and group buying products, when filling in the order to the payment link, choose to pay with gift cards.

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Why can’t Ctrip’s Ren Woxing gift card pay for train tickets?

The reason why Ctrip can’t pay for train tickets is that Ctrip has not signed a cooperation agreement with train ticket sales channels such as 12306, so it cannot use the gift card in train ticket sales channels.

Ctrip gift cards can’t buy train tickets since June 2016. If you need to use the gift card to buy train tickets, you need to contact customer service for consultation and appointment. The specific recovery time needs to wait for the official notice.

Ctrip Ren Woxing gift cards can be used on the Ctrip Travel APP or website for booking hotels, travel vacations, cruises, visas, cars, prepaid tickets and other products. Gift cards are divided into “Let Me Travel” and “Let Me Travel”. Most prepaid hotels, travel vacations, cruises, visas, cars, and prepaid tickets can be used. It should be noted that only “Let Me Travel” gift cards can be used to book air tickets, and “Let Me Travel” gift cards cannot be used when purchasing air tickets.

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