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What kind of Chinese gifts do you give to foreigners?

You can give traditional Chinese handicraft embroidery gifts, porcelain, clay figures, wood carvings, bracelets, and relatively convenient embroidery gifts include scroll paintings, embroidered silk scarves, embroidered group fans, embroidered shawls, embroidered ornaments, etc. There are some handicraft Bianyu gifts called Yihan Bianyu, you can take a look. Relatively, foreign guests prefer it. There are many handicraft gifts in China, and there are also many gifts with Chinese cultural characteristics. However, the appreciation of many handicrafts is different. There are embroidery gifts that inherit China’s long history and culture, and they are also products of intangible cultural heritage in China. Embroidery includes Bianjiu. There is a company named Yihan Bianjiu in the Bianjiu cultural industry. According to tradition, it has adhered to several generations of handicrafts and used traditional hand embroidery to embroider a lot of works. The gift style is also widely circulated in the society and can be accepted by the public. Foreigners have always been very interested in traditional Chinese cultural handicrafts. Choose a gift that is easy to carry and rich in Chinese culture to send, which can be recognized by foreign guests. Therefore, you can choose some traditional Chinese handicraft gifts, such as the Yihan Bianjiu gift just mentioned, the representative work of embroidery gifts There are some famous works such as “Qingming River Map”, “Five Niu Map”, “Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains Map”, “Fuchun Mountain Residence Map”, etc. At the same time, there are many types of embroidery gifts, such as embroidered silk scarves, embroidered shawls, embroidered fan groups, embroidered ornaments, etc., which are also the first for the majority of handicraft gift lovers.

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