Holiday gifts

What kind of gift is more Chinese?

There are too many gifts with Chinese characteristics.

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1 Hangzhou silk.

The colors are rich and colorful. Whether it is made into a gauze or a dress, it is particularly stunning. If it is a silk cheongsam, it is even better.

2 Embroidery.

The four major embroideries in China: Suzhou embroidery, Shu embroidery, Hunan embroidery, and Cantonese embroidery. Most of them are made of silk thread. Vivid and wonderful.

3 Food.

Chinese food is famous all over the world! The work in progress and ready-to-eat food made into gift boxes are good special gifts.

4 Jingdezhen Ceramics.

Jingdezhen Ceramics are world-famous! It was already there in the Han Dynasty! Jingdezhen Ceramics is known as “white as jade, bright as a mirror, thin as paper, and sound like a chime”. In addition to viewing, there is also collection value.

5 Tea leaves.

China’s tea culture has a long history. Whether it is green tea, black tea or black tea, each tea contains Chinese culture. The current gift boxes are very beautiful, and the gift giving is particularly high-grade.

Among the four major civilizations in the world, only China does not have an ancient character on the front. It’s because of Chinese culture that there has never been a gap! There are too many gifts with Chinese characteristics. It’s too much to list.

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