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What should a coffee drinker give him?

For a coffee drinker, he likes everything about coffee, such as a well-crafted coffee cup, original coffee beans from the origin, a coffee machine with unique functions, and a classic book on coffee, etc., a lot. Only by doing what you like can you get twice the result with half the effort. Knowing that he likes to drink coffee, if you have a good relationship, you can give her a coffee machine and a coffee set. If you are average, just buy ordinary coffee.

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5 things you must buy when you enter North Korea?

Answer as follows:

1. North Korean clothing

There are some ethnic Korean clothing sold to foreign tourists in Friendship stores in Pyongyang and Kaesong, mainly traditional long skirts for North Korean women. It is very memorable, but the price is not cheap, often thousands of yuan a piece.

So unless there is a special interest, foreign tourists do not buy much. I like this traditional colorful clothing worn by North Korean children very much, and it looks very beautiful.

2. Kimchi

Kimchi is the most famous specialty food of the Korean nation. North Koreans pickle Kimchi all year round. There are many kinds of Kimchi in North Korea, including wild vegetable Kimchi, cucumber Kimchi, radish block Kimchi and Chinese cabbage Kimchi. Among them, Chinese cabbage Kimchi is the most famous.

When traveling to North Korea, kimchi has become a must-buy delicacy for foreign tourists. I also bought some to bring back home.

There is also a Korean paste that is also very popular with Chinese tourists. It has a pure taste and is made of uncontaminated raw materials. I went to North Korea to buy several boxes of this Korean paste and gave it to relatives and friends. Everyone likes it very much.

3 Korean Ginseng

Korean ginseng has a long history and is famous all over the world. Korean ginseng contains a very high content of ginsenosides. It has the functions of nourishing qi and blood, nourishing the spleen and lungs, generating body fat and quenching thirst. It can control blood sugar, regulate blood pressure, and relieve fatigue.

Tourists from all over the world who visit North Korea will buy a little Korean ginseng as a souvenir.

The origin of Kaesong Korean ginseng is Kaesong, North Korea. Korean ginseng has been widely cultivated and spread in the Kaesong area of North Korea since the Koryo era, and is recognized by the world as the best ginseng.

There are many kinds of Korean ginseng products in Kaesong, among which the most popular among Chinese tourists is Kaesong Korean ginseng tea. This bagged ginseng tea has a pure taste and is very convenient to carry. It is a very good travel souvenir for relatives and friends.

4. Koryo wine

Korea’s Koryo wine is a functional wine specially produced in North Korea. This wine is brewed from the world-famous Kaesong ginseng and glutinous rice.

Koryo wine contains all the medicinal ingredients of ginseng. It tastes a unique pot flavor and ginseng flavor. It is deeply loved by North Koreans and foreign tourists. North Korea’s deer horn wine is one of North Korea’s special wines.

Many people in our country also like it, so it is also a good choice to buy a bottle of deer horn wine when traveling to North Korea and bring it back.

5. Copper bowl rice

In North Korea, copper bowl rice is made by placing all the side dishes, soups, and staples in copper bowls of different sizes, and then covering them with golden lids, using a separate meal system.

There are many kinds of side dishes and golden tableware, which has a very tall feeling. These beautiful copper tableware are very Korean-style souvenirs.

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