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What should I do if there is no hay in the yard of Stardew Valley Story?

There is no hay in the yard of Stardew Valley Story. You can get it by the following methods:

how do you send gift cards on hay day

1. Go to Marnie’s ranch to buy it. On Tuesdays, Marnie will go out and dance. On other days, you can buy hay as long as you enter during business hours. Click on the cash register in front of Marnie, and then select “Supplies Store”. The price of hay is 50 yuan per piece.

2. Marnie gives it away. In Stardew Valley Story, it is very important to maintain a good relationship with neighbors. When you are close to your neighbors, you will be given gifts. If you have a good relationship with Marnie, the rancher, you will receive different amounts of hay every once in a while.

3. Animal consumption. The hay purchased in the game is used to feed the animals. In fact, there is a lot of green grass in the farm yard that will turn into hay when cut. If the animals are released on sunny days and not in winter, the animals will consume the grass in the farm, and there is no need to feed extra hay on this day.

4. Silo storage. Bring enough materials to the carpenter’s house to make silos, which is commonly known as hay silos. A farm can build multiple silos. After the silo is used to cut the grass on the ground with a sickle, the hay will be automatically collected.

What does 30day mean?

30 days

day, English word, noun, adjective, adverb, when used as a noun, it means “day; period; day, person’s name; (English, French, Spanish) day; (Yue) day; (Arabic, earth) day”, when used as an adjective, it means “day by day; day by day”, when used as an adverb, it means “every day; often during the day”.

Phrase collocation

GreenDay Young Years; Green Day Band; Green Day

Thanksgiving; Dade’s Day; Thanksgiving

BoxingDay Boxing Day; Gift Opening Day; Christmas Day

HayDay Cartoon Farm; Hay Day; high definition game puzzle; Chinese name Cartoon Farm

Piday Pi Day

OneDay One Day; One Day; Really Love to Pick Days; One Day [1]

Toys for Objects?

⭕️ boyfriend’s high-value goods

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