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What should I pay attention to when going to Senegal?

When Chinese people go to Senegal, visas can only be applied for in the mainland of Senegal. Some Cypriot embassies abroad also provide visas, but the Cypriot border police do not recognize the visas issued by their embassies abroad.

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Senegal’s water supply system is very backward, pay attention to drinking water.

You can bring some small items and give them to the locals as gifts, which can quickly get closer and get along well.

Drinking alcohol is prohibited in public places in Senegal.

Religion has a great influence on the living customs of Senegalese people. Most of them are taboo about using pig skins and pig offal as daily necessities, and they are also taboo about talking about pigs.

Describe a short story about the founding of the United States?

In 1756, the East India Company decided to establish an army in India

In 1757, due to dissatisfaction with the East India Company’s establishment of an army, the Nawab (equivalent to the governor/governor) of Bengal decided to rebel and occupy the capital, Calcutta. The soldiers of the East India Company fought back, eventually defeating the Nawab and the French coalition and gaining the power to collect taxes in the Calcutta area. At that time, Kolkata was the richest region in East Asia (probably not one of them). For example, the East India Company gave its employees a gift of 2 million pounds (about one pound is equivalent to 2-3 thousand yuan today)

In 1770, the Kolkata region suffered a famine. For the sake of stock price, the East India Company refused to provide relief to the local people. The governor of Kolkata later admitted that at least one-third of the population had starved to death. The famine caused the economy of the Kolkata region to collapse rapidly due to a lack of enough workers, and the East India Company was on its way to ruin. In order to save the East India Company, London decided to take money from another important colony, and quickly passed the relevant bill: the Tea Act

Later… the United States was founded.

So in the future, if someone asks how America was founded, you can frown, look into the distance, and say slowly: It all started with a few British people in Bangladesh feeling unsafe…

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