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What small gifts are generally given for promotional cards?

Small gifts for promotional cards are usually some practical or representative items to attract customers and increase their participation in promotional activities. Here are some common examples of small gifts for promotional cards:

target send a gift card

1. Pen: A pen with a company logo or slogan can be customized as a practical tool for office or school use.

2. Keychain: A company logo or slogan can be printed on a customized keychain. It is a common business promotion gift.

3. Note pad: A small note pad with a company logo and contact information, suitable for taking notes and leaving messages at work.

4. Mobile Phone Holder: Foldable mobile phone holder, convenient for customers to watch videos or browse social media.

5. Water Cup: Customized water cup, both environmentally friendly and practical, is very popular in the office or outdoor activities.

6. USB Flash Drive: USB flash drive with company logo, is a practical digital product, suitable for saving files and data.

7. Shopping Bag: Eco-friendly shopping bag, with company logo and slogan, is able to increase brand exposure.

8. Souvenir: such as postcards, refrigerator stickers, magnetic bookmarks, etc., as a representative souvenir of the company or region.

The above are just some examples of common promotional card small gifts. The specific choice should be determined according to the target customer group and industry characteristics.

Is it good to give gift cards?

It is good to send shopping cards, because the shopping card leader can freely choose to buy what he wants. If the gift leader does not like it, it is not very good.

1. Look at the leader’s usual hobbies: Don’t give too cheesy things as leadership gifts. As soon as the leader sees something, he can think of it as a leadership gift from himself.

2. Send some high-end or high-quality local products. If you give a local specialty, it can be said that it was brought by someone from your hometown, and you can give some to the other party to try fresh things. There are not many things, and you didn’t spend any money on it, so you didn’t buy it on purpose. Please accept it. In layman’s terms, the recipient will refuse the gift because of fear of being too targeted, but if you deal with it calmly and not deliberately, you will accept the gift. If you are giving wine, you might as well pretend that someone else gave you two bottles of wine, and come to drink with the other party. If you drink one bottle and get one bottle free, you will give it away. In this way, the gift is given, and the relationship is close, and there is no trace of the past.

3. The pen can accompany the leader around and go to various places. </

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