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What to eat at the G20 Welcome Dinner?

At the G20 Welcome Dinner, the host Japan presented 18 sumptuous delicacies, including truffle soup, crab, caviar, milk lamb, sea urchin, smoked salmon, tuna and other Western signature dishes, in addition to 5 different champagnes and wines flown in from the United States and Europe, as well as Japan’s best sake.

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According to local media reports, the chef hosted by Brown this time is the British gold chef Jimmy Oliver. The chef, who is famous for his frequent TV appearances, will lead his assistants to prepare a six-course work meal.

Customs rules for bringing wine on international flights?

International flights can check Baijiu’s. It is necessary to pay attention to the alcohol content of Baijiu, and different alcohol content can be checked in different quantities.

Alcohol Consignment Regulations

According to the requirements of ICAO Document No. 9284 and the “Air Transport Specifications for Passengers and Crew Carrying Dangerous Goods (MH/T1030-2010) “, the standard specifications for the carrying of alcoholic beverages are as follows: Passengers should not bring alcoholic beverages on board, but alcoholic beverages can be shipped as checked baggage, and their packaging should comply with the relevant regulations of the Civil Aviation Authority. When alcoholic beverages are shipped as checked baggage, their quantity should comply with the following regulations: Alcohol items with an alcohol content of less than 24 degrees (including 24 degrees) are not limited in the checked quantity. If the alcohol content is between 24 degrees (excluding 24 degrees) and 70 degrees (including 70 degrees), the total amount of consignment shall not exceed 5 liters. If the alcohol content is above 70 degrees (excluding 70 degrees), the consignment shall not be handled. The packaging of alcohol items shall comply with the relevant regulations of civil aviation transportation.

What does uncle mean?

The brother of the nurse’s family.

In ancient times, there was no milk powder. Many large families or the female relatives of the royal family did not breastfeed themselves. After giving birth to a child, they would ask a wet nurse to breastfeed and take care of the child instead of themselves. This wet nurse is commonly known as “wet nurse”. The mother’s maiden brother is the milk uncle. The most famous wet nurse in Chinese history is the Queen’s daughter, the wet nurse of Ming Xizong. She conspired with the eunuch Wei Zhongxian, and Emperor Xi of the Ming Dynasty obeyed them.

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