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What to give a gift to a sick friend?

You can buy some good nutrition products, prepare milk, eggs, and some good walnut powder. If you are pregnant, you can buy some yogurt, desserts and other foods

gifts to send sick friends

Gift list for patients?

1. Fruit

When visiting a patient, many people will choose to bring some fruit, which is not only convenient, but also very practical. It can be said that bringing fruit is the best choice, and it is basically difficult to make mistakes.

Of course, giving fruits can actually be very good. You can choose according to the patient’s preferences, or you can choose some fresh and rare fruits.

Not only does it achieve the effect of giving gifts, but also shows your intentions, allowing others to see your sincerity and recognize your feelings.

2. Nutrition

In the era of less developed materials, many people will also bring some nutrition to visit patients, mainly because they have just been sick and need to supplement nutrition, but they do not have so many resources around them.

3. Health products

You can also send some health products when visiting patients, but the price of health products is either too high or inappropriate, and you need to have a full understanding before sending them.

The price of health products such as ginseng is relatively high, and it is often accompanied by more counterfeits. You need to pay attention when sending them.

In addition, the health products used are relatively better, but the price is not cheap. You need to choose carefully, such as massage chairs.

What gift is better to give when you are sick?

You can send flowers and fruit baskets, which are nutritious and delicious.

Friend is sick, what is more suitable to buy?

First, you can buy some fruits to take with you. If you want to look better, you can choose a fruit basket, but to be honest, although the fruit basket looks good, it is not as affordable as the fruit. You can choose according to the visitor.

Second ribs. If you are visiting a patient with a fracture, you can buy more ribs to take with you. Drinking ribs soup is very helpful for the healing of injured bones.

Third milk and other nutritional products. Now many people are used to buying cartons of milk when they visit the hospital. Milk contains calcium and other nutrients, and there are generally no taboos, so buying milk to see a doctor is also a good choice.

Fourth egg. Many people lose their appetite after being sick. Cooking a few eggs a day can effectively replenish physical strength, and eggs are also rich in nutrients, so it is more considerate to buy eggs and send them to patients. Local eggs are the best and have high nutritional value.

Fifth Chicken Soup or Blackfish Soup. If you are good at making soup and have studied the patient’s recipe, you can also make soup and send it. The rich and delicious nutritious soup is not only conducive to the improvement of the patient’s condition, but also makes the patient feel particularly happy. Especially after the operation, the patient is weak, and it is very beneficial to drink more such soup.

Flowers sixth. When visiting a patient, buy a bunch of flowers and put them on his bedside, which will make him feel better. When he is happy, his condition will naturally ease. But be careful not to send flowers if the patient is allergic to pollen.

Seventh Book and Magazine, etc. The patient stays in the ward every day, which is also very boring. Bring him some books and magazines he usually likes to read, or the latest newspapers, which will make his time less difficult.

In short, what to send depends on the specific patient’s physical condition, otherwise it will backfire. However, these are all good choices. I hope my answer can help you!

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