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What wine to drink in a city within a city?

Red wine to drink in a city within a city within a city

how to send alcohol to georgia as a gift


Alcoholic beverages made from grapes through fermentation and other processes

Wine (sometimes called red wine [a] in the Chinese world) is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes or grape juice. [2] Wine is mainly composed of water and alcohol (ethanol), but also contains aromatic compounds, acids, phenols, carbon dioxide and other substances. [ 7]: 327 General wines contain 7% to 16% alcohol (volume fraction), but in some specialty wines, the alcohol content can reach 20% (volume fraction). [7]: 347-385


Sugar, vitamin B family, vitamin C, various amino acids. [ 3]


China [4] [5] or Georgia [6]


9000 BC to 5500 BC [4] [5] or 6000 BC to 5800 BC [6]

Type of wine

Fermented wine [7]: 425-432

Main origin

Bordeaux, Burgundy, France [8]

Piedmont, Tuscany, Italy [9]: 166-168

Rhine, Germany Moselle District [8]

California, USA, etc. [10]

Australia, South Australia, etc. [9]: 245-246

Bohai Bay, China and other places [8]

Alcohol content

7% to 16% (volume fraction), liqueur wine can exceed 20% (volume fraction) [7]: 347-385 [3]

Table of Contents

Key information

History of wine

The birth of wine

Spread to ancient Egypt

Enter ancient Greece


Westward and Eastward

Wines of the Ancient Roman Empire

The Development of Wine in China

Before the Seventeenth Century

The Middle Ages in the West

After the Tang Dynasty in China

Wine in Transition

Wine Crisis

A New Era of Wine

Common Varieties

Chemical Composition

Water and Alcohol


Fixed Acids

Dry Extracts


Carbon Dioxide




Main Classification

Color Differentiation

Red Wine

White Wine

Rosé Wine

Body Form

Residual Sugar Content

Brewing Process

Drinking Form

Brewing Process




> Press


Apple Milk Fermentation

Clarification and Stability


Grade Standards

European Union

United Kingdom

United States



Old and New World

Main Producing Areas

France Main Producing Areas







Main producing areas in Italy

Main producing areas in Germany

Main grape varieties in the United States

There are many grape varieties that can be made into wine. Among them, red grapes are mainly Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir, and white grapes are mainly Riesling and Chardonnay. [7]: 46-50 The wine production process can be roughly divided into de-stemming, crushing, dipping, pressing, fermentation, secondary fermentation, stabilization and clarification. Some wines can be aged. [7]: 405 Wines are divided into red wines, white wines, and rosé wines by color. [11]: 6-Morphology is divided into calm wines and sparkling wines. According to the amount of residual sugar, dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet and sweet wines can be distinguished. It can also be divided into liqueur wine, noble rot wine, etc. according to the production process

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