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What’s good to eat on the long-distance high-speed rail?

1. Instant noodles: As a classic fast food, instant noodles are the first choice for many people on the road. They are easy to operate, have short cooking time, and have high nutritional value. There are also many types of instant noodles flavors, which can be selected according to their own taste.

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2. Bento: There are also many vendors operating bento on the high-speed rail, providing a variety of flavors such as rice balls, sushi, and fried rice. The meal is convenient, the nutrition is reasonable, and the price is relatively affordable.

3. Juice: On the high-speed rail, you can choose fruit juice to supplement physical strength and vitamins. Compared with carbonated drinks and coffee, the juice is limited in size, which allows you to better control the intake of drinks, and there are nutrients.

4. Biscuits and candies: These snacks are helpful for chewing, oral care and increasing energy. Biscuits, cakes and candies of major brands are sold.

5. Fruits: Choose some representative local fruits and dried fruits, which are not only a decent gift, but also can supplement the fiber and vitamins needed by the body, bringing health and deliciousness.

When choosing high-speed rail foods, it is recommended to choose foods that are clean, taste good and nutritionally balanced, and pay attention to the quality of the food so as not to affect the health of the body.

A friend is going abroad. What gift is good to give?

The answer is as follows: Gifts given to a friend going abroad should be practical and memorable. Here are some suggestions:

1. Travel supplies: such as suitcases, passport holders, travel adapters, travel bags, etc. These are all items that friends will use when traveling abroad.

2. Maps and Travel Guides: Prepare a travel guide book or map of a destination for a friend to help them better understand and explore new countries and cities.

3. Language learning materials: If a friend travels to a country where a different language is spoken, you can send them some language learning materials to help them adapt better abroad.

4. Souvenirs: Choose some souvenirs with local characteristics, such as handicrafts, special food or cultural traditional items, etc., so that friends can miss their hometown when they are abroad.

5. Digital products: such as earphones, cameras, mobile phone cases, etc. These products are very practical when traveling and can record and share friends’ experiences abroad.

6. Books and magazines: Choose some books and magazines about the culture, history or travel experience of the destination, so that friends can have more reading and learning opportunities abroad.

7. Small gifts to protect the body: such as sunscreen, eye mask, earplugs, etc. These small gifts can help friends take better care of themselves when they are on a long trip or adjusting for jet lag.

8. Letter or message: Write a warm letter or message to express your blessings and thoughts to your friends, so that they can feel the care of their family and friends when they are abroad.

Most importantly, choose a gift that suits your friends, so that they can feel your blessings and care when they are abroad.

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