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When is Mother’s Day in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in December and is also a festival for family reunions. However, in Thailand, mothers are known as the symbol of the country and are closely related to the vitality of the country. Therefore, on Mother’s Day, everyone presents flowers to the king’s mother to show respect and gratitude for motherly love.

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No matter how it is celebrated, Father’s Day is a time to prove the powerful power of motherly love. On this holiday, we should thank our mothers, grandmothers and all the women who gave us motherly love.

Is there a fixed time for Mother’s Day?

Because Mother’s Day is not a fixed date, but on the second Sunday in May. The second Sunday in May is different every year, so the time of Mother’s Day is also different. As a holiday to thank mothers, it first appeared in ancient Greece on January 8 every year, and in China, the United States, Canada and some other countries, it is the second Sunday in May every year.

In the United States, the earliest record of Mother’s Day was proposed by Julia in 1872, suggesting that this day be dedicated to peace, and Mother’s Day rallies were held in Boston and other places. In 1907, Anna of Philadelphia held Mother’s Day celebrations on the day of her mother’s death, which is the second Sunday in May. Many countries celebrate their own Mother’s Day at different times of the year.

Mother’s Day entered the mainland after it became popular in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions of China. Precious jewelry, carnations that symbolize maternal love, special desserts, and exquisite handmade greeting cards have become gifts for people to show their love to their mothers.

At the end of the 20th century, with the increasing integration of China and international families, Mother’s Day has been increasingly promoted all over the Chinese mainland. More and more people have begun to accept the concept of Mother’s Day. On the second Sunday of May every year, Chinese people and people from other countries around the world express their gratitude to their mothers in various ways.

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