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When sending the courier, can you pack it in a gift box by yourself, because it is a gift, and…

Hello, when you send it, you can pack it beautifully first, and then the courier company will use the cardboard box to pack it, so that when the other party receives your courier and opens the carton packaging of the courier, they can see your new ideas at first glance! As for fragile goods, you can draw a rough outline of a glass on the courier box and write the words fragile goods. During the mailing process, the courier will notice that the fragile goods should be transported properly!

make you own gift box to send to someone

How to send the pastry gift box by courier?

Method 1, the pastry itself is packaged in plastic, and there is a plastic grid inside the package, and pastries are placed in the grid.

Method 2, you can wrap it in plastic wrap first, and then put it in the box. You can use some very soft bran or cotton wool in the middle of each, which can ensure that it will not be damaged during transportation

How to pack your own chocolate?

Personally, I think plastic wrap is not suitable as the first layer of packaging. It is easy to be stuffy and not ventilated. If the biscuits and chocolate are still hot when wrapped in plastic wrap or the storage environment on the way is humid or a little stuffy, I think the flavor of the biscuits and chocolate you make will be destroyed, or even water vapor.

Other materials are not clear, but I think tin foil is a more suitable material, and it looks a little better as an inner packaging than plastic wrap. You can buy some paper bags suitable for DIY biscuits and chocolates online or good-looking plastic pouches for the second packaging.

If you are more attentive, you can buy some good-looking ribbons (ribbons) and color matching.

Use some cushioning materials on the outside, such as bubble wrap or something. Although the packaging cost is higher, it is nothing when girls face the boys they like.

When he receives and opens the package and tells you that you have received it, you tell him in two sentences that you are afraid of spoiling the tin foil or the small ribbon you bought specially. I believe he will be moved.

Unless… he is very stingy… he thinks you spend unnecessary money, even if it is just tin foil or ribbon

How to send a big box of snacks to your boyfriend?

Send a big box of snacks to your boyfriend, of course, through logistics. They will find a way to help you pack it and send it safely to your boyfriend’s address. If you send such a large box of snacks to your boyfriend, it means that your girlfriend is quite qualified. Generally, the boyfriend buys snacks for his girlfriend. You are the other way around. As long as you spend money, the logistics company will find a way to send it for you.

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