Birthday gifts

When will a friend’s wedding gift be given?

The gift at the time of marriage can be given in pairs, or it can be a single item with blessing meaning~ This still needs to be combined with the daily preferences of the girlfriend~

how long after wedding to send gift

If the girlfriend is a person with a more emotional life and occasionally drinks a little, then when getting married, you can give her some exquisite and beautiful red wine or champagne glasses~ It is both pleasing and very practical~

If the girlfriend likes all kinds of exquisite jewelry every day, then you can give her some jewelry with blessing meaning when getting married~ When it comes to weddings, it always reminds people of Lily of the Valley, because the flower language of Lily of the Valley is “happiness comes”, and the white Lily of the Valley also gives people a pure and noble feeling , so it is a flower commonly used in many celebrities’ weddings~ When your best friend gets married, you can give her a set of “Lily of the Valley Blossom” jewelry, and wish your best friend “Lily of the Valley Blossom, happiness will come”. And jewelry can also be used as the daily jewelry of your best friend after marriage, making your best friend beautiful~

The custom of combing your hair before a girl gets married has a long history in China. You can also send her a comb that can prevent static electricity during your best friend’s wedding. May your best friend’s hair become more and more beautiful

When will the wedding ceremony be delivered?

If you send a paper version of the invitation, it is best to send the invitation to your relatives and friends one month in advance, so that the invited person can arrange their own time. Mail it far away, and you can send it in person if you are close.

If it is by mail, you need to call or text or send WeChat to ask if the guests have received the invitation. After that, remind the guests to come to the wedding half a month or a week before the wedding, and confirm with the guests whether they can come to the wedding to determine the final guest list.

Where did the gifts sent by Hunliji go?

Gifts sent on Hunliji will be entered into the newcomer’s Hunliji account.

When giving red envelopes or gifts, guests can fill in their names, so that the newcomer can see who gave the red envelopes.

Newcomers can view the gift red envelopes they received in the APP.

However, if the invited person does not fill in their name, the newcomer may only see the amount of the red envelope, not who sent the red envelope.

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