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Which baby drain basket to choose?

When choosing a baby drain basket, the following factors should be considered: whether the materials used are safe and non-toxic, whether the basket is stable and sturdy, whether it is easy to clean and maintain, whether there is a seat belt suitable for the baby, whether the bottom is designed with drainage holes, etc. You can choose the right baby drain basket according to your actual needs and the characteristics of the baby.

baby gift baskets to send

When a friend’s child is born, what gift is good to give?

When a friend’s child is born, it expresses blessings and care. Giving the right gift can express your love and blessings. Here are some gift suggestions suitable for giving a newborn:

1. Newborn Gift Basket: Contains cartoon plush toys, commemorative books, baby care products, such as wipes, family medical boxes, towels, etc. At the same time, greeting cards and greetings can also be added, which is very practical.

2. Baby Clothing: Newborns grow very fast. Suitable baby clothing can not only meet their needs for various occasions, but also a very practical gift.

3. Baby Bedroom Supplies: For example, sleeping pillows, cribs, crib toys, baby carriages, etc., can make the newborn’s room more warm.

4. Baby Care Products: Contains baby toiletries, skin care oil, nail clippers, etc. Baby care products are tools to facilitate children’s physical care and maintenance, and are also very practical gifts.

5. Baby Education Toys: Contains baby gnawing toys, music puzzles, baby smart toys, etc., which can help children improve their cognitive ability and overall quality.

In short, the principle of giving newborn gifts should consider its practicality, safety and aesthetics, and avoid choosing products that are too complicated and unsuitable for babies. Gifts should reflect the growth and development of children, and the meaning of gifts to people, so that elders can also feel your sincerity and creativity.

What things should newborns buy by themselves?

Mom products: sanitary napkins, disposable underwear (20 pieces bought), 10 pieces of mattress pads, anti-spill pads (available), four sets of pajamas and underwear (bought), confinement toothbrush (one small bag), confinement shoes, two pots (bought), electric breast pump (available), milk storage bag (available), hospital discharge clothes, toilet paper, wet tissue. Towel, straw cup (bought), abdominal belt (bought).

Baby products: two Beiqin bottles, bottle brushes, two silicone spoons, peach leaf water; cotton era gauze towels, bath towels (bought 2), wet wipes (bought 8 packs), cotton soft towels (bought 3 sets), 3 urine pads (bought), one quilt, cotton swabs; 20 saliva towels (bought 3); Miffy diaper nb number; Beiqin hip cream; 3 foldable pots (bought); steam sterilizer (bought), diaper table (bought), bath basin (bought); 5 sets of clothes (bought 2 sets of monk clothes, one set of larger clothes), 5 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of shoes , Ear thermometer; Avanade body wash, face cream, baby clothes cleaning liquid; a small can of milk powder, a constant temperature flusher; calcium agent;

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