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Which country gave the mango as a gift?

It was a gift from Pakistan to China.

send clothes gift to pakistan

The mango in 1968 was given by Pakistan. One hundred mangoes were given to the Chinese leader to show the friendship between the two countries. The frequent exchange of gifts between countries has shown friendship.

Pakistan engagement process?

1. Proposal

In Pakistan, the man’s search for a partner can be carried out with great fanfare, while the woman can only do it quietly. In the past, due to the prevalence of forced marriage within the family, the woman waited for the man to come to the door to ask for relatives, and there was no need to seek more. Nowadays, due to the development of the times, the education level of women has also improved, and it is difficult to find satisfactory partners within the family, so the woman has also begun to try to find a satisfactory partner from outside the family. The marriage proposal must be proposed by the man, and the woman must never take the initiative to propose marriage. Sisters have a great say in finding a partner for the boy. Before the formal marriage proposal, the man often has to test through a common relative or friend of both parties. If the woman has no objection, the man’s parents and sisters will officially come to the door to propose. After the woman replies and agrees, the man will come to the door to negotiate the engagement date. In Rawalpindi, there are many private marriage agencies, and some even have branches in other cities and abroad. The parents of the woman come to the marriage agency for help. There are also Pakistanis who have emigrated to Europe and the United States to find a partner in their country through the marriage agency. The marriage agency only helps the parents of both men and women to establish contact. After the event is completed, a considerable fee is charged. If the marriage agency cannot find a suitable partner in the form file of the office, it is also responsible for placing marriage advertisements in the newspapers.

Second, the engagement ceremony is held in the homes of both men and women. Only the closest relatives who are closest to each other are invited to participate. First, the man’s family goes to the woman’s house, and the girl wears a ring and a red headscarf, and some also send jewelry and clothes. After a day or two, the woman goes to the man’s house and puts a ring on the boy. When getting engaged, both parties have to send a lot of sweets to each other, and when they report the good news to relatives and neighbors, they also distribute sweets. After the engagement, there is a lot of communication between the two families, but the unmarried couple cannot meet. After the engagement, until the marriage period, both parties should exchange gifts on festivals. The man should give the girl money, bracelets, clothes, paint to dye the pattern on his hands, and even bracelets to the girl’s sisters. The woman should also give the boy money, hand towels, towels, sweets, etc., and hand towels to his brothers. Nowadays, many people no longer give physical gifts, but hundreds of rupees in cash.

3. Weddings

Weddings in Pakistan are very cumbersome, and the main links are as follows: (1) The “mancha” or oiling ceremony is held three or four days before the wedding. The woman and girl on the man’s side go to the bride’s house with yellow clothes, sweets, bracelets, and a yellow spice applied to the skin. This skin-rubbing thing is made of flour oil and a yellow spice. It can make the skin soft and radiant. Seven women with surviving husbands first use this paint to wipe the face and body of the bride. After the bride is oiled, she cannot go out or bask in the sun, and she cannot wash it off until the day she passes through the door. Because this paint stains the clothes, the clothes and bedding are yellow. The “mancha” ceremony is celebrated with singing. Nowadays, many people in the city just symbolically put some oil on their heads for the occasion. Some combine “mancha” and “manhundi”. The man also holds a “mancha” ceremony, and some have their sisters at home

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