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Which country is International Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom is a holiday to thank mothers. This holiday first appeared in ancient Greece; while modern Mother’s Day originated in the United States and is on the second Sunday in May every year. Mothers usually receive gifts on this day. Carnations are regarded as flowers dedicated to their mothers, while the mother flower in China is Hemerocallis, also known as Forgettress.

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Ancient Poems in Praise of Mother

“The Wandering Son” [Tang] Mengjiao

The thread in the hands of a loving mother, the wanderer wears a shirt.

Before leaving, it is tightly sewn, lest it return late.

Whoever says an inch of grass has a heart, and it will be reported to the Three Chunhui!

“Bie Old Mother” [Qing] Huang Zhongze

Went to the beam of the river to worship his mother, and he was worried and looked at tears and withered.

It was a miserable and snowy night in Chaimen. At this time, it was better to have children than not.

“Fifteenth” [Song] Wang Anshi

On the Mother Hangou, he left his house in the shade of white.

On the bright moon, he heard Du Yu, and the north and the south always cared.

“Home at the end of the year” [Qing] Jiang Shiquan

The love of his son is endless, and he is happy to return home. Cold clothes are dense with needles and thread, and the ink marks on family letters are new.

When we meet, I feel sorry for the thin, and I ask my son to be bitter. I am ashamed of the son of man, and I dare not sigh at the wind and dust.

“Mother and son” [Tang] Bai Juyi

Mother and son, son and mother, crying bitterly in the daytime without light.

The kansai hussar general, last year captured Xin Cexun.

The emperor gave two million yuan in money, and Luoyang welcomed people like flowers.

The newcomer ushered in the abandonment of the old man, and the lotus flower in the palm of his hand stabbed in the eye.

Welcome the new man and abandon the old one.

The sadness left two children in the Jun family.

At the beginning of the walk, I sat and sat, crying and holding people’s clothes.

Take advantage of the time to love her well

With your husband and wife’s new swallow wan, let my mother and son be separated.

It is not as good as the crow and magpie in the forest. The mother does not lose the young male and the female.

It should be like a peach and plum tree in the garden, and the flowers fall with the wind.

The newcomer

I hope the general will repeat his meritorious deeds, and there will be more newcomers than you.

“Mother’s Love” [Yuan] Yang Weizhen

Mother’s love, love for young chicks, Zhao Family Guangyi is the crown prince.

The dragon’s stride is changing day by day, and the dog’s eagle is becoming more and more powerful.

Is there no six feet of loneliness under the knee, and Ah Zhao and Amei are not croaking.

The night ghost’s still light is blurred, and more than four drums are leaking from the heavy snow.

A hundred officials do not hold Dong fox’s pen, and the orphan’s widow-in-law, why do you call?

Oh, I poked the silver pillar axe on the ground in front of the bed, and the disaster was in the book of King Han’s golden cabinet.

“Mo Xuantu” [Yuan] Wang Mian

The bright hemerocallis flowers, under the north hall of Luo Sheng.

The south wind blows its heart, who is it that shakes and shakes to spit?

A loving mother leans on the door, and a wanderer walks on a difficult road.

The sweet decree will be sparse by the day, and the sound will be blocked by the day.

Raising his head to look at the cloud forest, I am ashamed to listen to the sound of birds.

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