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Which country is the origin of oranges?

1. The origin of imported oranges

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The origin of imported oranges is mainly the United States, Italy, Spain and other countries. In fact, China is the largest producer of oranges in the world. Imported oranges are only a few special varieties.

2. Common orange varieties

1. Jiangxi Gannan navel orange: Gannan navel orange is a specialty of Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, and a product of China’s national geographical indication. The fruit of Gannan navel oranges is large and positive, generally 250 grams each. The orange red is bright, smooth and beautiful. The edible rate reaches 85%. The color is reddish, slightly darker than oranges from other origins; the peel is smooth and delicate; the fruit shape is more common in oval shape. The soluble solids content is more than 14%, the sugar content is 10.5% to 12%, and the acid content is 0.8 to 0.9%. The solid acid ratio is 15 to 17:1. Compared with American navel oranges, the soluble solids content is 1 to 2 percentage points higher, and compared with Japanese navel oranges, the soluble solids content is 1 to 3 percentage points higher.

2. Taroko navel orange: a kind of Taroko navel orange, blood orange native to Italy, introduced by the Citrus Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in 1992. The fruit is obovate or short oval, with obvious grooves on the stem, the single fruit weighs about 150 grams, the fruit color is orange-red, relatively smooth; the pulp is dark, all purple, crisp and juicy, sweet and sour, rich aroma, nearly seedless, high quality; the fruit is ripe in January to February of the following year and resistant to storage. Taroko blood orange, as a late-ripening sweet orange, is an excellent orange variety vigorously promoted in China.

3. Newhallnavelorange: Newhallnavelorange (Newhallnavelorange) is native to the United States and is derived from the bud of Washington navel orange in Duarte, California, USA. It was introduced into China in 1978 and is now widely cultivated in Chongqing, Jiangxi (Xingguo), Sichuan, Hubei, Hunan, Guangxi and other provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. Newhallnavelorange is a fresh-selling variety with beautiful appearance, excellent meat quality and good commerciality.

4. Rock Sugar Orange: Rock Sugar Orange, also known as Rock Sugar Orange, is native to Qianyang County (now Hongjiang City), Hunan Province. It is very popular in the market for its excellent variety, strong and sweet taste, thin peel, no teeth, and crisp and tender meat. It is a variation of the local ordinary sweet orange. It is cultivated more in Hunan, and a small amount in Sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou, Yunnan, and Guangdong. The single fruit weighs 150-170 grams, and the soluble solids are 14.5%. The sugar content is 12 grams/100 ml or more, and the acid content is 0. 6 grams/100 ml. The taste is strong, sweet and fragrant, and there are few cores. 3-4 grains. It matures in early and mid-November, and the fruit is more resistant to storage. Rock sugar orange has good quality, strong and sweet taste, and is also more cold-resistant.

5. Sunkist orange: Sunkist orange is produced in California, USA. It is an imported fruit. It has undergone strict screening and packaging before listing, and the quality is relatively uniform. Its appearance is similar to that of ordinary sweet oranges. It is larger in size, bright orange-yellow in color, and has a more fragrant smell. Sunkist oranges are famous for their juicy pulp. Sunkist oranges are suitable for cutting open the pulp for consumption or making juice cold drinks. Sunkist oranges are round to oblong, orange-yellow, with raised oil cells, and the peel is not easy to peel off. No bitterness. The center column is full; the juice is sweet and fragrant.

Oranges are very common in life, and everyone likes this fruit very much. The taste of imported oranges is different from that of domestic oranges. If possible, you can try them early.

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