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Which is the first food delivery company in the world?

It is GrubHub, which is known as the “originator of online food delivery”.

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In 2004, before GrubHub was born, the United States was already a “food delivery power”, and the penetration rate of food delivery was as high as 12.5%.

What is this concept? Even China, which has a highly developed food delivery industry, has a penetration rate of only 14.2% in 2019.

At that time, the Internet coverage rate in the United States also ranked second in the world. Internet shopping, dating and other methods flourished in the United States, giving birth to Internet Tech Giants such as eBay and Facebook.

But the field of Internet takeout is still blank, and consumers can still order takeout only through traditional methods such as phone calls, faxes, and emails.

The founder of GrubHub keenly grasped this pain point and founded GrubHub together with his colleagues to provide users with the function of nearby restaurants and online takeout through the Internet.

With its innovative online ordering model and a wide variety of restaurant choices, GrubHub soon overturned the traditional takeout market and became the largest online takeout platform in the United States.

Grubhub not only solved the problem of ordering food for customers, but also for merchants, the form of payment after successful matching transactions reduced the cost of merchants in the network, allowing Grubhub to quickly attract a large number of merchants to settle in.

At its peak, Grubhub cooperated with nearly 30,000 restaurants, with a gross profit margin of 52. 26%,

Grubhub’s online takeout model has also attracted many latecomers to learn. At that time, there were countless takeout platforms large and small in the United States, but under the influence of the first-mover advantage, Grubhub maintained the first place in both the number of merchants and the number of users.

At the same time, with its ultra-high gross profit margin, Grubhub has acquired several takeout companies, becoming a well-deserved “takeout brother” in the United States, with a valuation of billions of dollars.

By 2011, Grubhub covered more than 600 cities in the United States and was ranked as one of the most innovative companies in the world.

English word with ub?

Here are some examples of words that end in ub in English:

1. Club (club)

2. Sub (subway, instead)

3. Rub (rub, rub)

4. Tub (bath)

5. Stub (remnant, severed limb)

6. Grub (larva, looking for food)

7. Blub (crying)

8. Shrubs (bushes)

9. Chub (fat man, sturgeon)

10. Hub (center, hub)

These words are just some of the common examples, there are other words that end in ub that exist. Note that while these words end in ub, their pronunciation may vary depending on the word itself or the context.

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