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Who is Hai Mingzhu?

Hai Mingzhu is a famous Yue Opera

coral princes send gift to passenger

It is a drama of eight myths and stories in Yue Opera. Zhoushan Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe created and performed. Wang Zhiping starred, playing the role of Hai Nan.

The fisherman’s father and daughter caught a large yellow croaker, but it turned out that the yellow croaker was changed by the king of coral, and the fisherman’s daughter released the large yellow croaker. One day there was a strong wind and waves, and the fisherman’s girl ship was swept into the sea, rescued by the prince of coral, and presented the “sea pearl” as a medium. The princess of the sea dragon was unruly and domineering, and wanted to seize treasures and make waves. The coral king fought and finally got married to the fisherman’s daughter for a hundred years.

The story of the sea king recruiting a son-in-law

is a story evolved from an ancient Chinese legend about a king called the Sea King who wants to pick a son-in-law. This king has seven daughters, and he wants to find a suitable man to marry one of them and take charge of the future of the Sea King.

In search of a son-in-law, the Sea King builds a huge giant clam shell by the sea, and arranges a series of tests in the giant clam shell. All interested princes must pass these tests in order to be eligible to become the Sea King’s son-in-law.

The first test is an underwater labyrinth. The prince must swim in a poorly lit, decaying underwater cave and find an exit. The second test is archery. The prince must shoot a small boat floating on the sea in a strong wind. The third test is diving. The prince must search the sea floor for a portion of the coral that has obtained mysterious powers.

Only princes who pass these tests are eligible to enter the final round of selection. In this starlit and dreamy evening, all seven daughters of the sea king appear before the prince. They can talk to any daughter, learn about her character and preferences, and dance with her. Ultimately, the sea king will choose a prince as his son-in-law and hold the power of the sea kingdom.

This story aims to emphasize that the future of the sea kingdom is in the hands of a capable and virtuous man. Through this story, one can understand that long-term planning and power inheritance are very important.

What can the blue sea dragon match?

The Jade Sea Dragon is a medium-sized aquatic monster that can generate different hybrid offspring by pairing with other water-attribute monsters. For example, pairing with a Seagod can produce a deep-sea prince, pairing with a crystal fish can produce a crystal dragon king, pairing with an underwater Muse can produce a coral fairy, and so on.

These hybrid offspring usually inherit some characteristics of their parents, have more powerful abilities and skills, and can play an important role in combat. Therefore, through reasonable pairing, more excellent monsters can be cultivated to enhance their competitiveness in the game.

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