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Who is the Europa Kiss?


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Liverpool player Karius has tweeted an unusual statement after he was filmed kissing a mystery woman on a boat. The goalkeeper confirmed the kiss and admitted his relationship with Sofia was “falling apart”.

The 27-year-old tweeted: “Yesterday, Sofia’s as well as some of my holiday photos were leaked showing me with another woman. Unfortunately, the two of us have been estranged for a long time, which is a fact. I’m sorry, our relationship has now fallen apart and I want to apologise for that. “

At the moment, it’s unclear if Karius and Sophia had broken up before the kiss.

The German’s confession shocked his fans, with one replying on Twitter:” You crazy guy, Loris. “While another wrote:” I guess nothing is safe in your hands, right? Loris. “

But there were also some expressions of support, with one person tweeting a reply:” Sadly the media got to you first, stay strong buddy, good luck. ”

Since Liverpool lost to Real Madrid in the Champions League final in May 2018, Karius has not played for Liverpool, and he made two huge mistakes in the Champions League final.

He has since spent two years on loan at Besiktas, making 67 appearances in all its competitions. The former Mainz player played only 4 times in the Bundesliga last season in the Berlin League as their second goalkeeper.

What does it mean to leave the European Union?

It means to export to Europe and sell something from your country to Europe.

“Ou”, pronounced’u ‘, was first seen in the small seal era of the Qin Dynasty, and belongs to the picophonic character in the Six Books. The basic meaning of “Ou” is the ancient same “Acura”, singing; the extended meaning refers to “Europa”, such as Europeanization.

In daily use, “Ou” is also often used as a verb to express drive; to act quickly, such as Ou Niu Ma.

“Ou”, first seen in the small seal era of the Qin Dynasty, belongs to the picophonic character in the Six Books. Owe, the ancient character shape is like a person opening his mouth and yawning, which is used to indicate vomiting; (area’u) phonetic, the area refers to the container, which means vomiting in the container. The original meaning is vomiting. ” Ou “The simplified version of regular script evolved from the small seal era of the Qin Dynasty.

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