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Why do you have to give gifts when relatives and friends get married or house warming?

It is inevitable that friends will move to a new house in life. As a friend, you can choose a gift as a gift to celebrate. In some places, the custom of moving to a new house is as lively as getting married. It is necessary to invite relatives and friends to the house for dinner, and to set off firecrackers… In such a lively scene, you should pay more attention. No matter what kind of gift-giving, there are regulations and taboos. Chinese people have many rules for gift-giving, and of course there are many taboos, so it is also necessary to understand the relevant taboos of housewarming gift-giving if you want to be welcomed by everyone.

send wedding gifts to their house

1. Knives and scissors. When your friend moves house, do not send knives, scissors and other sharp tools, which will make people misunderstand and think you are not friendly. If you want to send some practical daily necessities, you can choose tea sets, cookbooks, door step mats and other daily necessities, or a set of kitchen accessories is also a good choice.

2. Pajamas and bathrobes. As we all know, gifts to congratulate the host on the housewarming can be daily necessities, as well as food, flowers, etc. But it should be noted that it is not advisable to send knives and scissors for daily necessities, as well as private objects such as pajamas and bathrobes. This will make them very uncomfortable, especially in general situations. In addition, here is also a more suitable item for house warming gifts, which is the mascot. Because the new home needs to clean the house in order to bring good luck; so, you can customize the feng shui mascot that suits the other party’s eight characters and five elements, and place it in a suitable position in the new home to help him resolve the bad luck of the new home and improve the fortune of the home; you can go to the official website of the faceless copper stove to customize the faceless mascot as a gift.

What did the man give the woman’s house on the day of the wedding?

The woman went to the man’s house for the first time, in addition to the basic

fruit exquisite snacks milk

, she was considering what to buy for her mother.

There is basically no need to consider what to buy for the man’s father, such as tobacco and alcohol. If his father likes to drink tea very much, he can buy tea leaves, and the packaging is more delicate. The tea water is very deep. Consider buying it again. It is easy for people who love tea to distinguish the quality of tea leaves.

In addition to these basics, there are the following suggestions for mothers to consider:

1: Mask skin care products: Women love beauty, and they will only use it when they send consumables, and they actually feel your heart every time they use it. Lipstick is not very suitable. Most of the mothers do not use lipstick. You can ask your man about this.

2: Red dates, walnuts, Ejiao, etc.: nourishing blood and nourishing the face, practical, and suitable for all ages. Don’t make mistakes. You can buy a better brand. If there are elderly people at home, red dates and walnuts are also suitable.

3: Massager, wooden comb, horn comb: Buy the smaller one, shoulder and neck massager, parents can use it, especially if the man has mentioned his mother’s shoulder and neck strain. If you buy a comb, it is best to let your boyfriend be witty, and let him tell his mother the benefits of using these combs after you leave.


When you meet for the first time, you don’t need to buy too expensive things. Depending on the family situation of both parties, it is about 500-1000. Only when you come to the door when you really want to talk about marriage do you need to buy more expensive items.

I wish every little fairy a smooth journey to her boyfriend’s house for the first time. Haha, I hope that people who may become your mother-in-law in the future will like you who do your homework carefully for the first time.

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