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Why does send gift cards?

The gift card is an electronic gift card exclusively issued by for gifts between relatives and friends for consumption within a certain period of time. The gift card (hereinafter referred to as the gift card) can only be used when purchases the product, and the valid period is 36 months. The amount used for the purchase of the product and the delivery fee will be deducted from the gift card. A maximum of 49 gift cards can be used per order. Due to different browsers, the maximum number of gift cards can be used at one time. The unused balance will still be retained in the gift card and can continue to be used within the valid period.

send deliveroo gift card

If the current consumption amount exceeds the amount of the gift card, the insufficient part needs to be paid by the customer using other payment methods.

The payment part with the gift card is not included in the activity through the “consumption amount”

How to give a HEYTEA gift card?

Giving a HEYTEA gift card is a practical and popular gift option. Here are some suitable ways to give HEYTEA gift cards:

Gift packaging: Put the HEYTEA gift card in a beautiful gift packaging, which can be a small gift box, bag or decorative box. You can choose the packaging with HEYTEA brand elements, or choose according to the recipient’s personal preference.

Attach a greeting card: When giving a HEYTEA gift card, attaching a greeting card can add a personal and warm feeling. Write a warm greeting on the greeting card to express your concern and blessings to the recipient.

Pair with other gifts: If you want to increase the richness of the gift, you can give the HEYTEA gift card with other small gifts. For example, you can come with a bottle of selected tea leaves, a cute teacup or a small tea set, so that the recipient can enjoy the tea while using your thoughtful gift.

Customized design: If you have enough budget, you can consider a custom-designed HEYTEA gift card. For example, the recipient’s name or special greetings can be printed on the gift card to make the gift more personal and special.

Gift card to join the experience: If you want to make the gift more rich and special, you can consider combining the HEYTEA gift card with a HEYTEA experience. For example, put the gift card in a small gift box and attach an invitation to invite the recipient to a HEYTEA shop to enjoy a free tea drink or special event together.

Whichever way you choose, the key is to give the HEYTEA gift card to the recipient as a thoughtful and practical gift. Take into account the recipient’s preferences and personal circumstances to make the gift more personal and special.

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