Birthday gifts

Birthday gift for children?

1. Ridge protection children’s school bag

send birthday gift to door for children

If the child has already gone to school, then parents may wish to choose a cartoon spine protection bag for him when preparing gifts, because after the child goes to school, there are more and more books and stationery. Not only can the school bag not hold it, but the child’s spine is compressed for a long time and easily deformed, which affects growth. If you prepare him a beautiful-looking schoolbag that can protect the spine as a birthday gift at this time, it will not only make him happy, but also protect his spine. When he carries it to school, he will be praised and loved by more children.

2. Thermos cup

The weather is getting colder and drier. Bao Ma will always urge the child to drink more water. After arriving at school, without Bao Ma’s supervision, the child will reduce the number of times he drinks water and is prone to getting angry and constipation. At this time, having a good-looking thermos cup can reduce Bao Ma’s worries. So when the child is celebrating his birthday, Bao Ma can buy a good-looking thermos cup. The cute shape design can make the child fall in love with drinking water. It is a practical and novel gift.

3. Kart

Although the child is young, he likes to take risks and especially likes riding toys. He usually likes to play exciting activities, such as asking parents to take him to the playground to ride bumper cars and go-karts. Then parents can give him a go-kart on his birthday to make him a cool and cute baby and become more brave. However, when the child is riding a go-kart, it is best for parents to accompany him to avoid injuries in the middle.

4. Plush toys

Many children like plush toys. They are soft and comfortable to the touch, and they feel more secure to hold. Especially when parents are often unable to accompany their children, they prefer to contact with plush toys. Some children may hold plush toys when they sleep. Parents can choose a plush toy they like for him, but the fabric should be soft enough that it may often be in close contact with the child, so the material must be safe. In this way, parents can use it to give their children a sense of security when they can’t accompany their children, instead of accompanying themselves to the baby.

Birthday gift for children?

I think today’s children spend too much time on mobile phones and computers. Giving a few good books suitable for their age is the best birthday gift. Reading more paper books can improve children’s reading comprehension and connotation. Cultivate people’s patience and cultivation. As the old saying goes: There is a face like jade in a book, and there is a golden house in a book. Read more books and read good books.

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