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What is Gift Network?

Gift Network is an online platform designed to help businesses and individuals increase brand exposure and customer loyalty by giving gifts.

how to send an charity choice gift card

Users can register on Gift Network, choose the gift they want to give, and set the gift conditions.

Gift Network will help users find potential recipients according to their requirements, so as to achieve the purpose of brand promotion and Customer relationship maintenance.

Through Gift Network, users can expand their brand influence, attract more potential customers, and establish closer connections with existing customers.

Charity Gala Process?

1. Opening

1. The host takes the stage to deliver a speech: Thank you for your attendance and introduce the purpose and meaning of the party.

2. Art performance: A passionate opening dance or music performance to create a joyous atmosphere for the party.

2. Love auction

1. The host introduces the auction items and the donors they belong to, and explains the auction rules.

2. Auction donated items: art, jewelry, travel packages, etc., and the participants compete to bid.

3. Reveal the highest price: The donor who gets the highest price will receive donations and send them a souvenir.

III. Evening Program

1. Artistic Performance: Dance, music, drama and other programs, performed by artists and performing groups.

2. Public Welfare Lecture: Please invite representatives of charities or experts to give a lecture on charity to popularize relevant knowledge to everyone.

IV. Charity Story Sharing

1. The Host Introduces Special Groups: In order to raise everyone’s awareness of charity, introduce some stories of special groups to everyone.

2. Special Groups Sharing: Representatives of special groups are invited to take the stage to share their touching stories and resonate with the participants.

5. Raffle Session

1. The host introduces the rules of the raffle: Participants who buy raffle tickets will have the opportunity to win exquisite prizes.

2. Raffle Session: The lucky ones will be selected from the participants who buy raffle tickets, and the acceptance speeches will be exchanged with them.

6. Special Guest Speech

1. Special Guest Speech: Charity stars, government officials or entrepreneurs will be invited to give speeches on charity to motivate the participants to participate in charity.

2. Donation Appeal: The host leads the audience to make a donation appeal, calling on everyone to open the purse generously to support charity.

VII. Closing

1. Donation Statistics: The host plays the donation statistics and thanks the participants for their generous donations.

2. Award Ceremony: A certificate of appreciation or medal is issued to the donors and volunteers to express their gratitude and praise.

3. Closing remarks: The host summarizes the evening, thanks the participants for their support and participation, and reminds everyone of the ongoing need for charity.

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