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Boys Don’t Cry Original Sing?

“Boys Don’t Cry” is a song written and composed by Li Hongqi and sung by Mr. Turtle, which is included in the album “Mr. Turtle”.

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Mr. Turtle, a Chinese mainland rock band, consists of lead singer Li Hongqi, bassist Jiang Han, and guitarist Huang Wei. In 2004, Mr. Turtle was officially established. In 2005, the first EP “PogoIsNoBetterThanDance” was released. In 2007, the band moved to Chengdu for development. In 2012, he signed with Modern Sky and released the album of the same name “Mr. Turtle”

What are the top ten monsters in the world?

The Loch Ness Monster

The Snowman Mystery

The Okanagan Monster

The MokeleMbembe Monster

The Tasmanian Tiger

The Subtle

The New Jersey Devil

The Vampire Monster Chupacabra

The Man-Eating Monster Mamlambo

The Kenway Monster

1 The Loch Ness Monster

The Loch Ness Monster in Scotland is one of the most famous legends in the world, attracting a large number of tourists from all over the world every year, hoping to see the true face of the water monster; also attracting The eyes of many scientists and explorers.

Chomp is the American version of the Loch Ness Monster. It appeared in Camplainlake, Vermont, USA. For hundreds of years, people have claimed to see monsters on the water surface of Chomp Lake. It shows the head of a dinosaur on the water, and people named this mysterious monster Chomp. Because of Chomp, Chomp Lake has become a famous local tourist attraction, but until now, no one can determine whether Chomp really exists and what it is.

Loch Ness can hide the Empire State Building, so is it possible that there are monsters hiding in deep trenches?

2 The Yeti Mystery

Of all the mysterious animals in the world, the most fascinating is the legendary Himalayan Yeti, which is called the “Night Emperor” (Yeti), which means the animal that lives on the rock. The legend of the Yeti can be traced back to 326 BC, and they are 1. 5 meters to 4. 6 meters tall, with a pointed head, red hair, and gray-yellow hair all over their bodies. The legend of the Yeti is gradually recognized by occult zoologists, attracting countless explorers to the Himalayan region to find this mysterious animal that has brought infinite fantasy space to mankind.

In the Himalayan mountains, the Yeti is depicted as a tall, half-human, half-ape legendary animal.

3 The Okanagan Monster

The Okanagan Monster (Ogopogo, in Indian, means the devil in the water) is a creature that is said to live in Lake Okanagan. Lake Okanagan is located in the heart of Okanagan, Columbia, Canada. The lake is about 150 kilometers long and 1. 6 kilometers deep. The nearby waters are the areas where the Okanagan Monster is frequent. In 1872, a woman named John Alison witnessed the appearance of the Okanagan Monster. According to her description, the monster was about 60 to 150 meters long, with a head like a horse and a body like a snake. The most “powerful” proof of the Okanagan monster came in 1926, when a boat was said to have encountered the monster, and all 30 people on board said they had seen the spine of the water monster rolling 12 meters long. In 1989, the Paleontological Research Club of Columbia, Canada, made two trips to Okanagan Lake to search for traces of the monster, and the members of the group were “lucky” to witness the appearance of the monster. According to reports, the monster was 90 to 100 meters long, with several arched ridges and whale-like skin in the exposed part of the water.

4MokeleMbembe monster

Ever since scientists discovered dinosaur fossils in the 19th century, there have been rumors that dinosaurs were not completely extinct. In 1910, in the Congo in the Middle East, locals claimed to have seen an ancient creature in the swamps, which they called Mokele Mbembe. People who have seen Mokele Mbembe describe its body as a bit like an elephant, but with a long neck and tail.

It always leaves round and clawed footprints wherever it passes. Its body is dark brown and about 5 to 10 meters long. It is said to inhabit the swamps of the Congo River Valley, usually hiding at the bottom of the water, except when relocating and foraging. It is said that Mokele Mbembe hates hippos in particular, killing one at a time. Some people say that it hates humans, often overturning boats with its tail and slaughtering passengers. Although the possibility of prehistoric dinosaurs still surviving on earth is almost zero, don’t forget that in the Congo River Basin, there are still many places that have not been damaged by humans. The most bizarre thing is that from 1910 to the present, the number of people who have witnessed Mokele Mbembe has been increasing…

5 Tasmanian Tiger

Australia’s Tasmania Island, once lived a cunning but very shy animal, the Tasmanian tiger. In fact, the Tasmanian tiger cannot be fully called a “tiger”. It has a wolf-like head and a dog-like body. It is the largest carnivorous marsupial in modern times, also known as the Tasmanian thylacine. It has black stripes like a tiger on its back and sharp claws that can spread out a lot.

6 Youwei

Westerners claim that the first sighting of Youwei (Yowie) was in 1881. Since then, more and more people have discovered Youwei’s whereabouts in New South Wales, Queensland and other regions. So far, there have been more than 3,200 sightings near Sydney alone. According to the description, Youwei is similar to people, but it is huge, usually more than 3 meters tall, with long dark hair and strong body odor. The most “credible” story about Youwei was in 1979, when two campers came across a lot of kangaroo carcasses. Curious, they hid nearby to observe. A day later, they saw the legendary Youwei walk into the corpse pile and start eating.

7 New Jersey Devil

Of all the mysterious animals, the New Jersey Devil is the most exaggerated. According to the eyewitness Nelson and his wife’s description, the New Jersey devil was nothing like five, because its head was like a dog’s head, its face was like a horse’s face, and it looked more like a bat as a whole, because it had wings that were about two meters wide. The most ridiculous thing was that its hind legs were slender and long, like the legs of a crane, but it had a structure like a horse’s hoof at the end, and its front claws were like tigers, with separated fingers and sharp nails. The most bizarre description was that the Nelson and his wife saw it crawling on the window of their house. Although they were frightened, they still opened the window and greeted it. Who knew that it flew away in a panic.

8 Chupacabra, a blood-sucking monster

In 1995, a woman in Puerto Rico claimed to have seen a strange blood-sucking animal, which was about half a meter tall, had skin similar to that of a dinosaur, and had two large eyes the size of eggs, two protruding tusks on its mouth, and spikes of various colors from its neck to its back. After that, people in Florida, Mexico, New Mexico and Texas in the United States claimed to have seen this monster, which was called Chupacabra. Some witnesses said it looked half like a bat and half like a kangaroo, and others saw it like to attack small poultry and livestock, such as chickens and sheep. The most terrifying thing is that it eats its prey, similar to the legendary vampire: first bite out a small opening on the prey, and then drain its whole body of blood from this small opening. Although people continue to say that they have seen chupacabra, so far, no tangible evidence of this monster has been found.

9 Man-eating monster Mamlambo

Mamlambo is said to be a man-eating monster. It was first discovered in South Africa. Fortunately, no trace of this half-fish, half-horse monster has been found outside of South Africa. In 1997, a small village in South Africa exploded. At that time, the villagers said that a monster suddenly broke into the village, and the monster would attack humans. What’s more terrifying is that it only ate the brains of its victims. At that time, the villagers counted that 9 people were killed by the monster, and Reuters also reported on it, but no one has ever captured it.

10 Monsters on Kenway Island

The story about the monster on Kenway Island took place in 1954 and 1955. This is a story that is rarely known. In November 1954, several farmers on the British island of Kenway found a strange corpse that was apparently washed ashore by the sea. The corpse was badly decomposed, but it can be seen that it was a biped and had been adapted to standing and walking, because the corpse had 5 toes on its feet, a U-shaped distribution, and arches. The head of the corpse was soft, apparently without a skull, and had huge eyes on the head. The mysterious corpse was quickly taken away by the relevant departments and cremated. The government asked the public not to think about it, saying that the corpse was not a big deal. However, in August 1955, another similar corpse was washed up on the island. This corpse was in much better condition than the first one, so people clearly found that this strange thing had gills! The corpse was also quickly cremated, and no one or institution gave any explanation for the origin of the corpse.

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