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Can a mailbox be printed on Amazon packaging?

You can’t leave an after-sales mailbox

can i send amazon gift card with only recipient email

“Amazon email is an after-sales mailbox, which drains customers to other mailboxes and will be monitored by Amazon”.

“The address is OK, but the phone number and mailbox cannot be filled in. It is the same whether it is Amazon or other platforms”.

“It is recommended to be cautious. In principle, it is not allowed to fill in the after-sales mailbox, because Amazon in-app itself has a contact mailbox, but if the customs requires it, it will be said separately”.

After a seller opened a case and asked the customer service, the reply was that the after-sales mailbox could not be filled in.

What kind of express delivery does Amazon postcards send?

Amazon postcards send ordinary mail express. Because, Amazon postcards usually use ordinary mail express delivery, which is cheaper than the express service of the courier company, but also slower. In order to save costs and ensure the accurate delivery of postcards, Amazon chose ordinary mail express, allowing customers to buy postcards more cheaply, while ensuring that the postcards can reach their destination accurately. It is worth noting that the express delivery time of ordinary mail is longer than that of other courier companies, especially when mailing across provinces or internationally, it takes a certain amount of time to deliver. Therefore, when choosing Amazon postcards, you need to consider your own schedule and delivery time requirements.

How is the Amazon gift card exchange rate calculated?

The exchange rate calculation of Amazon gift cards is not complicated. Taking the US dollar as an example, generally speaking, the exchange rate of Amazon gift cards is calculated at about 1:7. For example, a $100 gift card only costs about 700 yuan to buy in the domestic market. Of course, the actual exchange rate may be affected by factors such as market fluctuations and purchase channels.

When purchasing Amazon gift cards, pay attention to choosing regular channels and avoid buying gift cards with unknown low exchange rates. Because some informal channels may lead to risks such as account suspension.

At the same time, Amazon gift cards can be used directly for shopping on the Amazon platform, which is equivalent to a coupon that can be directly consumed. When shopping with gift cards, you need to pay attention to the evaluation rules to ensure compliance. Free evaluation and left evaluation are two common evaluation methods. There is no evaluation after receiving the free evaluation, and the left evaluation needs to be left after receiving the goods. Different types of evaluation commissions are also different. Generally, the free evaluation commission is 10 yuan, and the left evaluation commission is 50-60 yuan.

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