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Can I give rainbow coins to the small mailbox of Egg Party?

2023 Egg Party Mid-Autumn Festival will not give rainbow coins. Egg Party Mid-Autumn Festival activities are usually themed around the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, mainly revolving around traditional elements such as moon cakes and moon viewing. Rainbow coins are a virtual currency that has little to do with the traditional elements of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Therefore, no rainbow coins will be given in the Mid-Autumn Festival activities of Egg Party. In addition, rainbow coins are usually used in a specific game or platform, which is not in line with the theme and purpose of the Mid-Autumn Festival activities of Egg Party. Therefore, there will be no rainbow coins given away. In the Mid-Autumn Festival activities of Egg Party, there may be other forms of rewards or gifts, such as holiday-featured props, limited skins, etc. Players who participate in the activity can earn these rewards by completing tasks, participating in interactions, etc., which increases the interest and participation of the activity.

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Why does soul need to give gifts to chat privately?

Soul is a dating and dating software. The private chat function needs to be unlocked by giving gifts. This design is mainly to increase the user’s interaction and participation. On Soul, users who give gifts can not only unlock the private chat function, but also show their attention and liking to each other, increasing interaction and feelings.

In addition, Soul will also provide users with different privileges and titles through the number and value of gifts, making them advanced users of the platform and gaining more exposure and opportunities. In general, gift-giving, as a core function of the Soul platform, can improve user stickiness and is also a means to stimulate user consumption.

What gift should be given for the joy of moving overseas?

China is a country that pays attention to the exchange of gifts, and after moving, relatives and friends will be invited to gather at home to add joy. What gifts should be given when congratulating friends on their house warming? 1. Traditional gifts 1. Congratulations couplets and paintings – to express the solemnity and increase the festive atmosphere. 2. Mirror screens, calligraphy and paintings – to express solemn and elegant gifts. 3. Congratulations poems – – The traditional way of congratulation, and now few congratulations are given. 4. Fish Tank – A traditional gift for those who are elegant, but it should be accompanied by related items when choosing. 5. Antique Large Vase – Can be used as a display in a new house 6. A Mural – This gift is more suitable for a spacious house. 7. Gift Money – – Packed in a red envelope, and write congratulatory words and signatures on the envelope of the envelope. 8. Congratulations Letter – – When you can’t go to your new house to congratulate, use this to express your congratulations. The congratulatory letter can be long or short, and it is informal. It can be sent at any time to avoid missing the time. 2. Household Items 1. New mailbox, door knocker, house number or trash can – – Items that housewarming may not have had time to buy will be sent in time. 2. Hooks, light bulbs, glue, wire, toilet paper, pen and paper – the essentials of life that must be added to the new home. 3. Knife sharpener – a thoughtful gift. 4. Candles – to avoid much-needed use in the event of a power outage. 5. Door step mats – to keep the new home clean. 6. Scissors, umbrella stands, etc. – to trim bonsai or flowers and plants grown at home. 7. Bedding – to move into a new home and use new bedding. 8. Cooking books – an indispensable tool for the family table. 9. Interior decorating magazines – to refer to the decorations and furnishings on the book for your own design. 10. Subscribe to a local newspaper – – You can learn about the social conditions of the place where you moved, so that you can quickly get used to the life in this area. 11. Tableware set, stove – This is a practical item that can be used by every household. 12. Charcoal carving – – Recently, charcoal carving is a popular handicraft on the market. Charcoal carving can absorb harmful particles in the air and is a kind of art with health care functions. 3. Ornaments 1. Flower pots – – Choose plants such as cactus that can clean harmful gases indoors. 2. Pottery, porcelain – – Can be used as home decorations for new homes. 3. Painting scrolls – – After being mounted, it can be hung in the study or living room to show that the owner has a scholarly smell. 4. Wall lamp – – Choose the lighting with exquisite appearance and soft colors. 5. Exterior photo of the new house – – Put it in a beautiful photo frame and give it to the owner of the new house. 6. Wine rack – – Subconsciously collect some exquisite wine bottles for decoration. 7. Bartending supplies, filter cups, spoons, etc. – It can be convenient for family bartending. 8. Decorative telephone – – A classic-style telephone that can be placed in the room or living room to highlight the owner’s interest. 9. Rich bamboo, fortune tree – It is definitely a good sign to send rich bamboo and fortune tree. I wish the owner’s family great wealth and wealth in the future! And it can adjust the air quality in the home! 10. Phalaenopsis – – – This kind of flower blooms very rich and atmospheric. It is very similar to the life of the host’s family. The key is that this kind of flower is also easier to support! Add a lot of color to the family! 4. It is taboo to give gifts for housewarming 1. When giving tea sets and coffee cups, pay attention to whether the host will mind the bad meaning hidden in the tea set and cup (cup set – tragedy) If there is a more taboo one, try to avoid giving such gifts! 2. There is a “bell” on the cross stitch. This is very taboo to Chinese people. Everyone should pay attention. The meaning is “giving the bell – sending the end”! It is also something that everyone does not like! Be careful not to give gifts for temporary convenience when you give gifts!

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