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Can the pass be given away?

The pass cannot be lent to others. Because the pass is proof of your own situation, his situation is inconsistent with others, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic, the passes issued to each person are matched with his own health code. If you lend the pass to others privately at this time, it is likely to cause the epidemic to get out of control, and you will be held legally responsible.

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Naraka: How does Bladepoint give a friend pass?

1. First enter the game interface, open the pass page, and then find a gift box logo at the top right of the pass, and then click this logo.

2. After clicking on the gift box logo, you will be taken to the exclusive page of Giving Pass, and then click the Giving button.

3. Then in the friend’s list, find the object you want to give away, and then click Giving.

How to give Shanhai Pass to a friend?

To give Shanhai Pass to a friend, you can follow these steps:

1. Open the Shanhai Tie game app on your mobile phone and enter the game interface.

2. Find the friend list or social functions in the game interface. Usually can be found in the game main menu, sidebar or bottom toolbar.

3. In the friend list, select the friend who wants to give the pass and click to go to the friend’s profile page.

4. In the friend’s profile page, look for options related to giving or gifts. Usually there will be a “Give” or “Gift” button.

5. After clicking the “Give” or “Gift” button, the system will pop up a giving window or menu.

6. In the giving window or menu, select the item category to be given as “Mountain Sea Pass”.

7. After selecting the item category, the system will display the number of passes you have. Select the number of passes to give away.

8. After confirming the gift, the system will ask you to confirm the target friend to give away. Carefully confirm the friend information to ensure that there are no errors.

9. After clicking Confirm, the system will send the pass to give away to your friend. Your friend will receive the pass and can use it.

Please note that there may be some restrictions or conditions on giving away passes. For example, there may be a daily, weekly or monthly limit on the number of gifts. Check or consult the game-related help documentation or community support in the specific in-game social function to learn more details about giving away passes.

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