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Can’t trade pokemmo gift sprites?


how do u send a gift in pokemon go

First, we go to the Pokémon Center.


Then, we find the NPC in the Pokémon Center and interact with it.


Next, we choose to open the transaction line.


Next, we click on the “Add Item” tab.


After that, we select the Pokémon we want to sell.


Next, we will set the unit price of the sale for Pokémon.


Finally, we can click the “Sell” option below.

How to trigger Clara’s rare affection?

The way to trigger Clara’s rare affection is to give her gifts that she likes. Because Clara is a character in the game “Original God”, she is very sensitive to gifts and likes to receive some things she likes, such as paint, brushes, flowers, etc. These gifts can be obtained by completing in-game quests or purchasing in the store. If the player gives Clara a gift that she likes, she will show gratitude and closeness, which will also help to deepen the interaction with her. At the same time, interactions with other characters in the game may also affect Clara’s mood. For example, playing with Betty may make Clara feel happier and more fulfilled.

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