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What small gifts will be given to the new store to attract customers?

1. Free gifts: practical small gifts, such as handkerchiefs, daily necessities, etc., can arouse consumers’ recognition and attention to the store; 2. Coupons: Issuing coupons to customers can attract them to spend, which can not only help the store drainage, but also promote store sales. 3. Trial products: Provide customers with small samples for them to try, so that consumers can understand the products and services of the store, which can attract consumers’ interest and greatly increase sales; 4. Inflatable pumping: Advertising launches some small prizes or in-kind gifts, which can be extracted for consumers and can effectively drive consumers to come to the new store for consumption.

send a gift to potential seller

What can a merchant give you when you buy a TV?

What can a merchant give you when you buy a TV?

See how you communicate with the merchant!

You can ask the merchant to send you a TV hanger, because the TV sets leave the factory as standard with a base, you can also ask the merchant to send you an extended warranty service, or you can ask the merchant to send you a free door-to-door installation service, so see how you talk to the merchant!

If your conversation level can impress the merchant, there will be a gift

What can a friend store give when it opens?

1. The opening of a new store requires not only a lively scene and a sensational effect, but also a good omen of prosperity. So it is a good choice for a friend to send a flower basket when a new store opens. The flower basket has a good visual effect, which can attract popularity and add a lively atmosphere. Moreover, the more flower baskets you receive, the more friends you have, and the more prosperous the business will be. In addition, green plants are like evergreen bonsai, which means that Vientiane is updated and long-lasting. Green can add vitality, and it can also play a better decorative role in the store. It is also a very good choice.

2. The opening of a friend is of course to wish the other party a lot of money and attract wealth. Therefore, ornaments that mean the source of wealth, such as Pixiu, Golden Toad, Lucky Cat, Lucky Tree, etc., are suitable for placing in the home or office, implying abundant wealth, prosperity, and frequent rise in wealth. Of course, it is exactly what the owner wants. It is the best gift for friends when they open a new store.

3. Red wine has the beautiful meaning of “prosperous and auspicious”. A bottle of exclusive customized high-end red wine can be regarded as a creative gift. Gifts should be carefully conceived, ingenious and creative, and strive to make them new, strange and special. The opening of a new store is a rocking board for friends to succeed, which is of great commemorative significance. This personalized red wine customized by Casu can be printed on the label and packaging of the red wine with the name of the friend’s new store, the opening date, greetings and other personalized content. It not only has a very unique visual effect, but also has great commemorative significance. It will bring a refreshing feeling to friends, and it will also be moved by your heart. You will cherish this gift forever.

4. The greeting union and the plaque are also good opening gifts. You can focus on the business characteristics of the store, send a few greeting couplets or a plaque, if your handwriting is good, leave your ink treasure on the face, write the congratulatory language, you can also find someone to customize, the plaque is generally hung in the store in eye-catching places, making people unforgettable, thus bringing a festive color to the store, but also to the customer to bring good enjoyment, but also as a business promotion and expand the influence, to bring more business to friends.

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