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Christmas in the UK?

Every December 25th is a day for Westerners to celebrate Christmas, the birthday of Jesus Christ, and a legal holiday in the UK, so the whole people are on holiday, and all shops and transportation will be closed and suspended on this day (except for some taxi companies and convenience stores operated by non-Christian beliefs).

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The second day of Christmas is December 26th, which is a unique “discount day” in the UK, called “BoxingDay”, similar to “BlackFriday” in the United States. On this day, all the shops will open, and it is also the most discounted day of the year. Many shops will open at 5 or 6 in the morning, and shoppers are running through the door to grab whatever they can.

Because it is a Christmas tradition unique to the UK, December 26 is also a legal holiday in the UK, but the shops are naturally open to welcome guests without a holiday.

Christmas Market

During Christmas, various Christmas markets will be set up in the UK. Many of them are called “GermanChristmasMarket”, which is the most suitable place to buy Christmas gadgets and souvenirs. The reason why it is called “German Christmas Market” is because the current popular Christmas market in the UK originated from Germany, so the name has been continued.

How do British people celebrate Christmas?

Christmas Decorations: British people decorate their homes and Christmas trees during Christmas. The Christmas tree will be filled with decorations such as lights, ball ornaments, snowflakes and deer. Christmas wreaths, candlesticks and other holiday decorations will also be arranged at home. Various institutional shopping malls will also erect tall Christmas trees in advance to celebrate.

Christmas Cards and Gifts: British people will send Christmas cards to relatives and friends and exchange gifts with each other. Family members will give gifts to each other, especially children, who will find gifts from “Santa Claus” under the Christmas tree.

Christmas feast: On Christmas Day, the British prepare a hearty lunch or dinner, usually consisting of roasted turkey, ham, mince pies, roasted potatoes, and a variety of vegetables. Turkey is the traditional main course of a Christmas feast, usually served with herbs and croutons stuffed, and the crust is roasted golden and crisp.

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