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How do I send Moments when I receive a chocolate gift box for Qixi Festival?

1. Thank you to my friends for bringing me this Qixi Festival gift, which makes me feel the power of friendship.

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2. This chocolate is unexpected and makes me have more beautiful expectations for love.

3. My friend is really a little angel. I am very touched by the chocolate gift given to me!

The following are some copywriting about the little fairy giving gift chocolate for your reference:

The little fairy special chocolate is full of sweetness and happiness!

This chocolate is a symbol of my love for you. I hope you will taste not only sweetness, but also warmth and care.

Every piece of chocolate is my blessing to you. May your every day be full of sweetness and warmth.

This is my most attentive gift. I hope you like the taste of this chocolate and feel my love.

Although the chocolate is small, it is my expression of my heart for you. I hope this gift can bring you surprises and happiness.

Chocolate 61 gift method?

: The method of chocolate 61 gift is very simple.: 1. Chocolate, as a food that caters to the tastes of the public, will be favored by many children and parents as a gift on June 1st. 2. The production process of chocolate is relatively simple, just put the chocolate blocks into the pot to heat and melt, and then pour them into the favorite mold or packaging.: If chocolate is used as a gift on June 1st, not only can you DIY your favorite type of chocolate at home, but you can also choose to buy packaged gift box chocolates in some large shopping malls and supermarkets as gifts. Whether it is made by hand or purchased as a gift box, you can make the children who receive gifts happy and surprised.

How to tie a ribbon chocolate gift box bow?

Place the ribbon over the gift box, with the ends varying in length, with the longer end at least twice as long as the shorter end.

Use your left hand to pull the shorter end up so that it covers the longer end and goes around the left.

Use your right hand to bypass the shorter end from the right to form a loop.

Pass the longer end through the loop and tighten.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 to form the second loop.

Pass the longer end through the second loop and tighten.

Pull both loops up to form the wings of the bow.

Fold the shorter end down to form the bow.

Tuck the end of the longer end into the gap in the knot and secure the bow.

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