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How do pokemongo gyms play Pokemon Go gyms challenge rules?

1. The rules for challenging heterochromatic gyms are more than six dozen, that is, we send 6 Pokémon (which Pokémon to send and the order of playing can be adjusted by yourself) to challenge all Pokémon in the gyms.

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2. After defeating at least one monster in the gyms, the challenger will be given a certain XP, and the gyms themselves will reduce some prestige points. Note that the gyms cannot be captured by defeating all the monsters in the gyms.

3. If it is a level 4 gyms with a prestige of 8000, you may need to play at least 4 rounds to capture the gyms. Of course, as the reputation of the dojo continues to decline during the challenge, the level of the dojo also decreases, and the number of Pokémon in the dojo will gradually decrease (the Pokémon will be gradually kicked out in the order of CP value from low to high), and the Pokémon you need to defeat in each round will gradually decrease.

4. Each trainer in the dojo can only put in one Pokémon at most. The Pokémon that is placed into the locked state cannot be upgraded or evolved. If the dojo is captured by the enemy, the Pokémon will be unlocked in the mode of 1 blood remaining, and you will need to use medication to appease them.

5. At the same time, the top right of the SHOP interface will display the number of Pokémon you have currently sent to guard the dojo. You can press this button every 21 hours to receive a reward. Each Pokémon guarding the dojo will receive a reward of 500 Stardust and 10 gold coins.

Can wintogo install xp?

You can install XP because Wintogo is a software that can install Windows system on a U disk. It supports WindowsXP and above version systems, so you can install XP system through Wintogo. If you want to install XP system on Wintogo, you need to pay attention to the following points: 1. You need to ensure that the capacity of the U disk is large enough and the XP system file is large. It is recommended to use a U disk above 16G. 2. You need to prepare the installation image file of the XP system. 3. When installing XP, you need to make some settings for the BIOS. You can refer to the XP installation tutorial on the Internet. In short, as long as you follow the steps correctly, you can install the XP system smoothly through Wintogo.

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