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How do you tell your boyfriend about a birthday gift for him?

There are several ways to euphemistically ask your boyfriend for a birthday gift. 1. Hide in front of your boyfriend and say it. For example, when you are shopping, you pass by the store where you want the gift. Then you pretend to be attracted, stop, and say in a longing tone, wow, this chain is so beautiful.

how to send someone a birthday gift

It is best to stop for half a minute, and then leave. Your boyfriend sees that you like this thing so much, so he will buy it for you quickly! 2. Curves save the country. When playing with your mobile phone, swipe Moments, deliberately find Moments of a friend, and then say, wow, this bag given to her by so-and-so boyfriend is so cute and cute.

How to ask your boyfriend for a birthday gift without embarrassment?

For some important days of yours, such as birthdays, such as the days with him, or the days of love for 100 days, 500 days, etc. In short, you have to tell him more time in advance, and mention it several times, your boyfriend should understand.

2. Mention what you like when chatting.

Usually chat with your boyfriend, then, if you like something, you can say it when chatting. Of course, don’t always say something more expensive, otherwise, it is easy to be understood by your boyfriend as too material.

3. Let your boyfriend go shopping with you.

As a girl, you can invite your boyfriend to go shopping together. When you see your favorite gift, you stop in front of the gift counter to show that you like it very much. In this way, your boyfriend will naturally know that you like this item very much and will consider buying it for you.

4. Choose online shopping and pay on delivery.

If we like certain items, we can choose to shop online and choose cash on delivery. Of course, at this time, we can excuse the inconvenience of receiving goods at our unit or school, write the address as the boyfriend’s address, and tell him in advance, so that the boyfriend will take the initiative to pay you.

5. Use the function of intimate payment to shop.

There is another way, after we shop online, we can ask friends to help pay. At this time, you can pretend that there is no money in the account and ask him to help pay. Of course, you must think about returning it to him later. As for whether he wants it or not, it depends on him.

6. Ask him where something is sold.

Another way is to take the initiative to ask him, if you see something on TV or a colleague and don’t know where it is for sale, you can help to inquire, and if your boyfriend is more attentive, he will take the initiative to buy it back and give it to you.

7. Tell him that he is very envious of a certain girl.

Another way is that you can tell him that you are very envious of a certain girl around you, because this girl often receives some small gifts from her boyfriend. Of course, it is not the kind of expensive, just like a feeling of being pampered, and the boyfriend will naturally understand.

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