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India’s famous Baijiu?

India doesn’t seem to produce its own Baijiu. Although the overall water quality in India is not very good due to pollution, it is not like a place where good wine can be made in the traditional concept, but there is still an area called Nashik near Mumbai, where the climate is quite suitable for planting vineyards and making wine. For example, the local Indian wine brand SULA will produce a variety of Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chenan Blanc wines, all of which are very affordable, basically equivalent to 1000-1500 rupees including tax. As a table wine, the taste is not bad, at least much stronger than some concentrated juices canned (

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). At the same time, LVMH has also opened a winery in India to make locally produced Chardonnay sparkling wine, which tastes quite good. I even feel that it is better to drink than French Moet et.

The other is beer. India’s own brand KINGFISHER also covers a variety of types from ordinary to strong and ultra, but overall it is still an industrial lager, which is almost the difference between ordinary Budweiser and Budweiser strong. It is a little heavier than the taste of snowflake pure raw. There are also some specialized bars selling self-produced craft brews and cider, but generally it is mainly based on finished Indian brands and imported wines. (However, IPA, as a beer with Indian origins in its name, is actually not drunk by Indians.)

What brand is Yellen beer?

Yellen beer is IPA beer, also known as Indian Pale Al, and is an export beer. The original wort has a higher concentration, and the addition of hops is also higher than that of ordinary Aier beer. The hops of this beer are imported, and they are imported from the United States.

What kind of wine do Indians like to drink?

The most common and popular wine in India is whisky. There are cheap, mid-range, and high-end products. If you buy a bottle of beer, buy a bottle of Coke, or Sprite, and a few people will dry it. Indians are good at wine, but the amount of alcohol is not good. You can also put a few in one bottle.

Indians have good wine, and there are many alcohol brands, but I personally think they are very bad, especially beer. I have to complain. The degree of Indian beer is twice that of domestic beer, and the taste is still bad. It seems that the beers in South East Asia and South Asia are similar, and it is difficult to enter.

Which beer is the most worth buying?


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