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How long does it take for a European parcel to reach China?

Different delivery methods will have different times

gifts to send to spain from uk

1. The fastest is about 3 working days

2. The medium is about 10 working days

How far is the UK from Spain?

The straight-line distance (flight path) from Spain to the UK (the geographic center of both countries) is 1658 kilometers (1031 miles or 896 nautical miles). A private jet flight between the UK and Spain naturally changes the distance and flight time.

One of the shortest journeys – from London to Barcelona – takes about 2 1/2 hours to fly the 643 nautical mile (740 miles) distance.

From Edinburgh to Malaga, the longest journey to be considered here. This is a distance of 1,158 nautical miles (1,333 miles), and the flight time of most planes is 3 hours and 15 minutes.

How far is Spain and England?

The straight-line distance (flight route) from the United Kingdom to Spain (the geographical center of the two countries) is 1658 kilometers (1,031 miles or 896 nautical miles).

The flight time from London, the capital of the United Kingdom, to Madrid, the capital of Spain, is about 2 hours, which is about the same as the flight time from Beijing to Shanghai.

In fact, the distance between European countries is still very close, unlike the Chinese mainland, which has a large span from south to north!

How many kilometers is it from Spain to London, UK?

The distance between Port of Spain and London is about 7134. 48 kilometers, which is about 4433. 16 miles or 3852 nautical miles. If you take a plane, it takes 6 hours at the fastest.

Madrid, the capital of Spain, to London, England, the flight distance is 790 kilometers

Spain to London, England is 1658 kilometers

Spain is located in the west of Europe, and the United Kingdom is located in the northwest of the European continent. It is an island country. They can only be separated by sea, and the distance is about 2500 kilometers.

What does the order number at the beginning of emsez mean?

ems express ez starts with express meaning. If it starts with R, then the express is an international postal parcel. If it starts with C, it is an international postal parcel. If it starts with L, it is EMS’s E-mail treasure service. EMS express has the leading air and land transportation network.

The EMS tracking number is usually 13 digits, 2 letters 9 numbers 2 letters. The last two digits represent the shipping country, that is to say, if a tracking number EA123456789CN, then the CN represents China, and the express is sent from China. And if the end is JP, it means that the express is sent from Japan.

International EMS commitment service means that the Chinese mainland, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, and Singapore Post promise the specified delivery date for the EMS mail sent by the local post to other posts (excluding special service services such as limited-time delivery and recipient payment); for the mail delivered after the specified delivery date, it is responsible for refunding the mail tariff charged.

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