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How much does PayPal cost?

The cost of PayPal is divided into two parts:

how much does paypal charge send money as gift

1. The handling fee for the money coming in: 4.4% 0.

3 The handling fee for new users: 4.4% 0.

3 For example, if the customer gives you $100, the transaction fee is 100 * 4. 4% 0. 3 = 4.7 $0. 3 is fixed, then the account is: 95.3 dollars, but it can reach a certain range according to your monthly collection accumulation. You can apply for a handling fee reduction of 3000usd. Below is 4. 4% 0. 3, 3000-10000usd is 3.9% 0. 3, 10000-100000usd is 3.7% 0. 3, 100000usd or more is 3.4% 0.

3 two. The handling fee when withdrawing cash:

1. Withdrawal to China is made in US dollars, a single payment is 35 US dollars, and a withdrawal of 200 or 100,000 is 35 US dollars in a single payment, so it is recommended that you accumulate more and then withdraw 2. Withdrawal to China in RMB will be charged 1.2%. It is recommended that you can use this kind below 3,000 US dollars. PayPal registration must find a consultant, don’t wait until you encounter problems to find

How to charge the international transaction fee of PayPal?

PayPal payment is paid by the recipient, and the transfer party does not charge the handling fee. PayPal cross-border transfer fee: PayPal bound credit card or UnionPay card transfer fee is 2. 9% -3. 9% 0. 3USD transaction rate Last month’s transaction amount 3. 9% fixed fee $3,000. Below 3. 4% fixed fee $3,000. 01- $10,000. 003. 2% fixed fee $10,000. 01- $100,000. 002. 9% fixed fee $100,000. 01 and above

PayPal account transfer fee?

If A account transfers $100 to B account, PayPal charges B account a transaction fee.

The transaction fee is only payable when the transaction is successfully completed. In addition, after meeting certain conditions, the higher the monthly sales of the user, the lower the rate to be paid.

Fee Calculation: Transaction fees are currently commonly charged in two ways, namely, the ordinary rate and the small commodity rate.

(1) Ordinary rate

Unified charging standard in Asia-Pacific region, charged according to the ladder. The larger the total transaction receipt, the lower the rate.

The new account is 4.4% 0. 3. After the monthly collection is greater than 3,000 US dollars, you can apply for the seller’s discount (only need to apply once, it will be automatically adjusted in the future)

After the preferential rate application is successful, the rate changes as follows:

The cumulative collection of 3000usd in the current month is: 4. 4% 0. 3,

The cumulative collection of 3000-10000usd in the current month is: 3. 9% 0. 3,

The cumulative collection of 100000usd in the current month is: 3. 7% 0. 3,

The cumulative collection of 100000usd in the current month is: 3. 4% 0. 3.

If you do not apply, it will always be 4. 4% 0. 3.

How does PayPal charge handling fees? Detailed explanation of PayPal payment, transfer and withdrawal handling fees

For example: the remittance handling fee is 3. 9% 0. 3USD, then according to the 1000USD you received, deduct the handling fee 1000 * 3. 9% 0. 3 = 39.3USD, the amount received is 1000-39.3 = 960.7USD.

(2) Small commodity rate

Small commodity rate needs to be specially applied, and the default ordinary rate will no longer be used after applying.

Charge calculation: 6% 0. 05 (Fixed fee)

Note: PayPal transaction fee can be reduced if the monthly receipt exceeds $3,000

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