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How should I reply when a friend says he wants to send you a gift?

Reply and say thank you for sending me a gift. In the days to come, as long as we unite with each other and encounter any difficulties, take the initiative to open our mouths. I believe that the relationship will become deeper. When the time comes, I can see your gift. I believe in the surprises that life brings to me.

send the gift my friend

Only by replying to a friend politely in this way can the relationship between two people become more stable.

My girlfriend has given me a gift. How can I reply?

1. How long have we been together, and I have realized your true feelings; I have all kinds of gratitude and kindness when I receive your gift; here, I would like to say thank you to you! Thank you for your dedication to me all the time.

2. We have been in the same boat through thick and thin for decades, and we have walked forward as one; I have won the hearts of my friends, and I am very concerned about entering my heart; I am very moved to be considerate, and I will remember the warmth in my heart; this expensive gift will make me feel ashamed; friends, thank you.

3. Helpfulness is your excellent virtue; unity and friendship are your kindness and wisdom; you are a true good friend, and you are a partner worthy of communication; thank you for your gift, and I will remember your kindness in my heart.

4. I am really moved to receive your gift; people say that the grace of dripping water will be rewarded forever; here, I really have a lot to say, but I don’t know how to say everything; I can only say to you, thank you!

5. In this time of snow, rain and frost, you sacrifice yourself for others and send charcoal in the snow; I really feel the warmth of the world, friend, thank you for having you, how perfect life will be; your grace of dripping water, I will never forget.

6. A warm word can make me unable to extricate myself; a kind greeting is enough to make me grateful a hundred times; but you have given such a valuable gift, I really feel so happy, so happy! Thank you.

How can a friend gently remind him to bring a souvenir back to me when he goes on a trip?

It depends on how hard the relationship between friends is. Generally, I don’t like to bring gifts. If my friends are very close, it is clear that friends who are unclear can also be ignored. To be honest, you should still bring them. Good friends really want to bring gifts to them, and ordinary friends can bring some casually. Of course, you can say:

1. Most of the shopping stores for group tours are not very affordable, so it is better to buy them in the local online mall. For example, I want to buy a French-made suitcase in France. The tour guide’s land is very expensive, and you can’t go there if it is not expensive. Finally, you can buy it on when you return to China.

2. Of course, you can also buy some souvenirs of tourist destinations online, pretending to buy them in tourist destinations. Hahaha, local characteristics are available online. It is really difficult to mention it yourself. Online shopping solves all problems.

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