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How to give a wizard hat to a friend when you meet 20.23 million?

1. First, bring a friend who wants to give a gift, come to the wizard ancestor together, and then click the gift icon on the friend tree.

send gift to friends wizards unite

2. Then there will be items that can be given, and click on the wizard gift package to give.

How to give a wizard hat to a friend?

The wizard hat is a unique gift that can bring surprises and joy to friends. If you want to give a wizard hat to a friend, you can consider the following points:

First, choose a suitable wizard hat, which can be selected according to your friend’s preferences and style.

Secondly, you can decorate the wizard hat to be more personalized and creative, for example, you can embroider your friend’s name or favorite pattern on it.

Finally, you can attach a greeting card or write a blessing to make your friend feel your heart and care. In short, giving a wizard hat to a friend is a very creative and interesting gift choice.

Can I give a friend a wizard hat to Guangyu?

Guangyu can give a friend a wizard hat. In the Guangyu game, players can give gifts to friends through interaction. The wizard hat is a cute headgear that can be given to friends as a gift. Such a gift can not only increase the interaction and friendship between friends, but also allow friends to get a special dress in the game. In addition to the wizard hat, there are many other gifts that can be given to friends in the light encounter, such as clothing, props, etc. Players can choose according to their own preferences and friends’ needs. By giving gifts, players can express their concern and blessings for their friends, and at the same time, it can also increase the fun and interactivity of the game.

What are the three items left by Dumbledore’s will for?

1. Lighting-out device: This is a magic tool that can absorb and emit lights at will. Professor Dumbledore left Ron’s Lighting-Out device with the intention of telling him to always have light in his heart, and to believe and help his friends.

2. “The Stories of the Poet and the Beedle”: When Hermione read the story collection, she found that the book made her understand that the main key to destroying the Slytherin locket was to find the countervailing tool, namely the serpent’s fangs or Gryffindor’s sword. Dumbledore had expected that when he wrote his will, the clever Hermione would follow his own instructions to find the key to solving Voldemort.

3. Golden Snitch: The main purpose of this relic of Dumbledore is to leave the Resurrection Stone in the Deathly Hallows of Harry Potter. The Resurrection Stone allowed Harry Potter to see his parents, Godfather Blake, and Professor Lupin, the werewolf who had just died in battle. They told Harry Potter that he had always been in his heart, mustered his courage, and gave Harry Potter’s most powerful weapon – love. Expanded information: Dumbledore’s death node: 1. Dumbledore teaches Harry and guides him to understand the history of Voldemort. He knows that he can’t accompany and protect Harry in the future, and he has to let Harry “know himself and his enemy”. 2. When obtaining Voldemort’s Horcrux in Black Lake, Dumbledore drank the tenth cup of potion and shouted: “Let me die!” This is what he said in his heart under the action of magic power. 3. When Malfoy appeared on the tower to attack, Dumbledore’s first reaction was not to fight back, but to fix Harry with a silent spell. Dumbledore had not allowed Harry to take off the Invisibility Cloak, so he had to stand aside unnoticed and watch Dumbledore walk towards “death”.

4. Dumbledore arrived at the tower and asked Harry to call Snape. During the confrontation with Malfoy and the Death Eaters who arrived later, he expressed his old age and frailty while talking desperately, much like numbing his opponent and stalling for time. As a result, he finally waited for Snape. Dumbledore’s “deathbed” words were intriguing, he whispered Snape’s name: “Severus… please…” Harry heard Dumbledore “pleading” for the first time ever. He was begging Snape to kill him. So Snape recited the Avadasso spell, and Dumbledore fell cleanly under the tower.

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