Birthday gifts

Send cake copy?

Dear friend, thank you for your continued support and care! At this special moment, I would like to send a sweet surprise – delicious cookies! Every bite is an expression of gratitude to you, and I hope they can bring you warmth and joy. Whether it is to share with your family, or to taste alone, I hope you can feel my heart. May this small gift bring you sweet taste and good memories. I wish you happiness and health!

best cookies to send as gift

Are matsutake biscuits a national gift?

No. Matsutake biscuits are a gourmet specialty, not a national gift. National gifts refer to gifts given by the state for diplomatic activities or to foreign senior officials, heads of state, etc., usually with a high degree of cultural representation or symbolic significance. For example, Chinese national gifts such as porcelain with Tai Chi patterns, silk, tea ceremony art, etc. have profound cultural connotations and historical significance.

Although matsutake biscuits have unique flavors and craftsmanship, they have not been officially identified as representative gifts of the state, so they cannot be called national gifts.

What gift package do biscuit people give for the New Year?

In order to make the biscuit people have a happy year, we can give them a biscuit gift package containing a variety of flavors. This gift package can include chocolate chip cookies, traditional oatmeal cookies, fruit-flavored cookies, and various candy cookies of different shapes.

In addition, we can also add some cute little toys to the gift package, such as keychains in the shape of cookie people or magnetic bookmarks, to add interest to the gift.

Such gifts can not only allow cookie people to enjoy the delicious taste, but also enhance their friendship and feelings.

What gift should I bring to a friend’s house with children?

I want to force the answer! It’s so uneasy for the first time! My boyfriend came to my house for the first time and brought a piece of Furong King’s most expensive kind, a soft medium, a bottle of blue ribbon wine (for my dad), and a bottle of 500 yuan red wine (for my mom).

My boyfriend and I both thought that this was very sincere and should not be a big problem. My parents were very polite and happy throughout the process. After my boyfriend came home, I happily called him and said that it seemed that my parents were very satisfied today. How do you know… the next day! My mom told me: Your dad is a little angry and thinks you don’t respect him. I look confused?? what?? Why??

Forget what my mom said, my dad probably meant: “Let your boyfriend come to the house as a friend and bring such an expensive gift? Did I agree to your marriage? Did you agree to be together? Did you respect me? Did you ask me?”

This… buying tobacco and alcohol was taught to us by someone who has experience. I consulted my mom before buying it, and she also felt that there was no problem. After that day, my dad was very opposed to us being together. When I talked about my boyfriend for half a year, my dad responded directly “Don’t talk about him to me, it’s useless to say it”. Somehow, my mom was very opposed, maybe influenced by my dad. The baby expressed that he was very tired (̥́ˍ̀ू) the relationship with my parents was very stiff during that period. I even worked overtime, and they suspected that I was dating my boyfriend. Hey. Later, my relatives and friends gave me the suggestion to let my boyfriend first contact the people around my dad to make a good impression on them, and cheeky to continue to visit my house. My boyfriend followed suit, and we were very nervous and cautious during the whole process! Because I was afraid that doing so would make my dad unhappy. Was it Chinese New Year last year or the Mid-Autumn Festival (forget…) My boyfriend came to my house as a guest before the festival, but my boyfriend didn’t come after the festival because of overtime or something. In fact, we didn’t expect to be a guest after the festival. It can be said that we didn’t know what to do. My dad was unhappy and complained to my sister. At that time, my mood was very broken, and my father finally accepted it slowly, and the previous efforts were in vain. That night, it was useless to take all the anger out on my boyfriend, who was four years older than me. He was so ignorant of worldly knowledge. The next day, my boyfriend carried a fruit basket and continued to come cheeky. Another half a year has passed. Now my boyfriend occasionally doesn’t come for a week, and my father will ask “What is Xiao Zhang busy with recently? If he has nothing to do, call him to dinner”. “Xiao Zhang, how is your work recently”

“Xiao Zhang, eat more”

“Xiao Zhang, leave the chicken thighs for you to eat”

“Xiao Zhang, do you drink? You won’t drink a little, just pour a little, pour more for me “To me,” You go and send Xiao Zhang home “

” Bring some fruit for Xiao Zhang to eat “

” Don’t be too willful, be nice to Xiao Zhang “Add background [My dad is a very traditional, very polite, and very macho person. My dad is old enough to be my grandfather, and there is a big generation gap between us. Many ideas and concepts are basically inconsistent. My dad is more dignified, my mom, my sister, and I are more in awe of my dad, and so are my relatives.] It’s rare to write so much, thank you for your patience and reading it~ I don’t mind if you leave a like before leaving (˶‾᷄⁻̫‾᷅˵)

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