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How to make dumplings for relatives?

It is dumplings for relatives. In the old days, rich people hired two sedan chairs, one ride was called the “official sedan chair”, and the groom rode in it; the ride that the bride sat in was called the “flower sedan chair”. When the groom goes to the woman’s house to marry, he must first pay homage to the woman’s ancestors and parents, called “thank you”, and then the relatives will accompany him to eat noodles and eggs. When the bride leaves home, her feet cannot be stained with soil, and her brother should hold the sedan chair. Put a bag (meaning “blessing”) with a washbasin and a mirror in the sedan chair. The bride holds a handkerchief in her hand, which can be exchanged with another bride when she meets another wedding team on the way. After exchanging handkerchiefs, it can be regarded as something that the sisters have When the sedan chair starts, the bride’s mother or sister-in-law also splashes a ladle of water outside the door, which means that the married daughter is the same as the splashed water and cannot be taken back. The groom personally goes to the woman’s house to marry, which is called “greeting relatives”

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In terms of wedding etiquette, some of the traditional Chinese and bedding festivals in the past are now mostly abandoned in Qingdao. The wedding date no longer pays attention to the “auspicious day of the zodiac”, and there are many festivals such as May 1st, National Day, and New Year, but the two days of the lunar calendar are still popular. In the countryside, when the groom goes to the woman’s house to marry, he “thanks”, eats noodles, and the bride worships her in-laws after entering the house. Drink a glass of wine, break up the house, and return to the door three days after marriage.

In urban areas, wedding etiquette tends to be more simplified. Usually on the morning of the wedding, the groom is accompanied by the bridesmaid to the girl’s house to welcome the relatives, and the groom bows to the parents-in-law to thank them. And eat dumplings with the bride. When eating dumplings, there should be an even number left in the bowl. Then pick up the bride and return, and the time to arrive at the man’s house must be before 12 noon. The so-called “can’t miss the time”. After arriving at the man’s house, the groom and bride should eat “soothing noodles”.

Now, after the bride is picked up, the wedding is held in hotels or restaurants. Relatives and friends send gifts to congratulate. In addition to decorations and practical items, most of the gifts have been sent “happy money” in recent years. There will be a banquet at noon to entertain guests and friends. The number of tables varies, from a few to dozens. During the banquet, the bride and groom toasted the guests one by one, and the guests congratulated them with auspicious words. At the same time, the woman held a banquet at home to entertain her relatives.

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